Monday, August 29, 2011

soul satisfying sunrise and...

keuka weds 15
keuka weds 16
keuka weds 11

:: i saved the best photos from last week for today...
:: we were treated to the most beautiful sunrise e.v.e.r. on wednesday morning, or rather, the most beautiful half hour before the sun shown
:: i sat in awe
:: it was just last summer, at this same lake, that i learned i am a sunrise girl, not a sunset one... i still am
:: it really was a relaxing few days... wonderful weather, antiquing and wine tasting, a microbrewery, new friends (HI KATHERINE!), and memories made
:: it was bittersweet without Jacob though... it isn't a family photo without him
:: and in retrospect, i went over board with the national museum of play photos, oops... hope you weren't too bored!
:: time flies when you are having fun and i'm thankful for that! just 9 more days until school starts
:: i finish knitting my ruched sweater and i am head over heels in love with it
:: my friend makes the best grape pie ever and i may send my hubby to help hers with chopping trees more often if it will get me another slice
:: i hope my east coast friends made it through the big storms... i've been thinking of you
:: while the winds whipped, i spent an incredibly magical time in my studio on sunday... seriously, it was nothing short of magical... for my heart and soul
:: three solid hours at the torch and kit making for artbliss is officially underway
:: wait til you see the new color combo for the limited edition kits! do you remember the ones i made last year?
:: speaking of color... i wish i could pour the colors of that sunrise into a rod of glass
:: until that rod is invented, i'll wait, reveal in the warmth of torch toasted cheeks, and hold onto the threads of joy that were spun onto mandrels
:: it was down right invigorating
:: i hope i can sneak back to the studio tonight

(note, if you are into vacation photos, there are lots more in my flickr set - keuka 2011. there is so much more to see in the set!)

studio joy 1
studio joy 4


Вишенка said...

Beautiful sky pictures.

TesoriTrovati said...

You are just so danged lovely, Miss Kerry. I love your candid shots of you jumping and that close up. I am not brave enough with my own camera. And those sky shots are particularly dreamy. Yes, please, make that into a bead! Enjoy the day!

hello gorgeous said...

WHAT...A...STUNNING...SUNRISE! I would have sat there in awe too....sometimes things are incomprehensible and amazing at the same time, it makes your jaw drop...I AM SOOOO JEALOUS you got to see that!

I LOVED the holiday snaps didn't go overboard...oh to be in Sesame Street! Just for Big Bird and the Cookie Monster! ;o)


hello gorgeous xx

Francesca DeCaire said...

Too bad Double Helix is soooo expensive. I'd love to work with it someday. Your amazing sunset pictures remind me of their pallet.

Laura Twiford said...

gorgeous sunrise photos, I know what you mean about wanting to capture that in your work, inspiring for any medium! Looks Like you had a great vacation. See you at artbliss!