Friday, August 05, 2011

triangle squared (part 1)

triangle squared 1
triangle squared 3
triangle squared 4
triangle squared 5
triangle squared 6
triangle squared 7
triangle squared 9
triangle squared 12
triangle squared 13
triangle squared 16


Linda Landig said...

Awesome! It looks great over the couch. The thin black boarder really sets it off. Wow!

Janet said...

Dang Kerry gotta nail you to the wall to keep you still! lol beautiful!! You are an Inspiration for sure!!

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Oh YEAH!!! I can dig it!!!

Love the colors! Love the cleanliness of the lines and patterns! Love that white border! To have something like that on the wall in your studio is so inspirational!

Love your little one - well, technically, she's not so little anymore - working in the studio with you. Hope you two get to be one of those great mother/daughter artist pairs :)

hello gorgeous said...

what a cool piece of wall art...fab bit of colour!

the studio is filling up nicely now chick! ;o)

if you're interested there's a colour challenge on my blog {} first challenge I've offered...just a bit of fun!

have a great weekend....


hello gorgeous xxx

Meredith said...

Love, love love it!

Cindy said...

You did it! I am soooo amazed and impressed. And speechless. :-) Well, not really, we're taking about Kery here (I agree with Janet). Your new quilt is a little masterpiece and the perfect addition to your studio.

Brandi said...


Barbara Lewis said...

You're unbelievable. You're writing a book, getting ready for ArtBliss, continuing to tweak your studio ... and you have time to make a quilt! Amazing!

Jen V. said...

It's perfect Kerry! The colors, the order, the it!

momster said...