Sunday, August 28, 2011

keuka tues 3
keuka tues 8
keuka tues 19
keuka weds 17
keuka weds 21
keuka weds 23 dr franks
keuka weds 30 bully hill
keuka weds 37 heron hill
keuka weds 44
keuka weds 50
keuka weds 57 microbrew
keuka weds 70
keuka weds 73

keuka thurs 1
keuka thurs 8
keuka thurs 11
keuka fri 5
keuka fri 9
keuka weds 79


Lindsey said...

Love the overhead shot of Ron and the kids, makes me teary to see them all smiling together.

Kerry said...

it is one of my favorites too :)

Gardanne said...

Great pictures. Where is that antique shop.

lori g said...

Nice photos! How do you not have the walls of your house not covered in them?

Chrizette said...

Oh what lovely photos! I am jealous of the one where you sit in front of the large windows just looking outside. It looks soooo peaceful :)

Bead Soup Mix

hello gorgeous said...

gorgeous shots....but my fav is the shadow pic...almost Peter Pan like ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Kerry said...

thanks everyone :)

Anne, it is called Wild Goose Chase Antiques and it is about halfway between branchport and hammondsport on keuka lake.

Sally Anderson said...

I'm really curious about that embroidery. What is it or will it be? I love the idea of doing that, too!

Cindy said...

Kerry, these lake pictures are phenomenal. Wow. All so amazing - love the one of everyone kayaking with the mountain beyond them. I understand what you mean about not having Jacob though and it not being a family picture without him. Although I do love the one of the 4 of you on the pier!
Oh! That antiques mall looks incredible - I wanna go there!