Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Day Of Play - Part 3

I am acting as a ghost blogger this week. I am not actually here right now! I am away at a lovely cottage on Keuka Lake. But, magically, posts are going to appear this week. All from just a few hours at our local hot spot, The Strong National Museum of Play. What an awesome awesome time it was!! It has been years since we were there and the place has just exploded with new interactive exhibits. We had a blast!

Although Lauren and I had fun with Andrew in the video game area, we had just as much fun (if not a little more) in the Barbie area in the History of Toys display! Oh yeah, I am pretty sure they had every Barbie ever made, and every version of her Dream House ever sold. Plus accessories. Even a large interactive kid size dream house you could play in!!

play 21
play 22
play 23
play 24

I don't think it is very nice to put so much glass between a girl and a Barbie Dream House of that size! Just not right.

Down the hall, around a corner, we found...

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Gardanne said...

I'm dating myself but in the second picture I have that candy striper outfit on the far left. I used to make my Barbie house's out of cardboard boxes, we were not dirt poor just liked to make things. I guess I was upcycling.

In the 60's and 70's my friends and I made or own clothes, jewelry, etc. There are some Indie folks out there that think they have invented handmade. They are just from a generation where it was cooler to buy things rather than make them, I am so glad we are coming back to handmade it is so rewarding.

Looks like I have come full circle, since I still spend my days making things.