Monday, August 15, 2011

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right now, I am...

:: looking out on a wet wet wet backyard and thinking the hummingbirds probably won't be visiting the hibuscis today, though the baby deer are here again. Sweet things still have their spotted rear ends.

:: hoping that this first ever batch of homemade salsa we canned yesterday will be yummy this winter. Looks a little thin and liquidy though. I might need to make another batch. It ain't like we're hurtin' for tomatoes around here.

:: feeling a shift. The light takes longer to fill the rooms in the morning. The evenings are just a touch cooler. It is filling me with a hopefulness.

:: making the tiniest of Momma-made Christmas gift plans. Lauren's might be an undertaking and will need lots of planning/time/energy/resolve to make happen.

:: loving my house. I worked hard last week to clean every nook and cranny. I even spent a solid 5 hours in the basement on Friday. Can you imagine, I am just 2 loads of laundry away from being caught up on my overwhelming pile.

:: deciding where my creative energy will best be put to use when life returns to the back-to-school routine. I am remembering too that it is going to take time to transition once those days are here and I'll need to take it easy on myself.

:: grateful for all the support we are receiving, in our home, from family and others with Andrew. Things have been tough, but they make it easier.

:: happy to see weeks of hard work truly paying off. I have a secret I have been keeping... jeans that were way.too.tight at the start of summer are way.too.big these days. I have lost nearly 20lbs, and hope to keep it up until I reach my goal that is just 15 more lbs away. The process has taught me so much about myself.

:: wanting the sweater I am knitting on to move along just a bit faster. It is so so pretty and I chomping at the bit to wear it. Can't wait to share it with you!

:: ready to hit the showers after a 40min run and treat myself to one of those yummy almond biscotti cookies I made yesterday, along with just a bit more coffee.

Inspired by Amanda Soule's {right now} post this morning...


Lindsey said...

Your hard work finding a rhythm for your body this summer is definitely noticeable. Hoping it is making you feel WELL.

Kerry said...

thank you, lindsey. i've wondered if anyone has noticed :)

Laura Twiford said...

Congrats on nearing your goals for the summer! I plan to get back to a healthier way of being as soon as the summer madness ends! I am aiming for 15-2o myself, you inspire me!

Blue Kiln Beads said...

That biscotti loos delish - do you have the recipe....?

Kerry said...

the recipe is on

Cindy said...

What beautiful pictures, Kerry. They certainly depict a mood. You found the perfect way to spend a rainy day - baking (and eating) biscotti. I love biscotti. When we were first married and living in Monterey, CA, we became close to a couple (he was a WWII vet) that gave us a few of their Christmas recipes, including biscotti. Would you believe, we met in the basement of an auction house. She is the aunt of Lou Ferrigno...and we are still in touch 16 years later. Wow...guess those biscotti shots brought back memories.