Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Day Of Play - Part 8

I am acting as a ghost blogger this week. I am not actually here right now! I am away at a lovely cottage on Keuka Lake. But, magically, posts are going to appear this week. All from just a few hours at our local hot spot, The Strong National Museum of Play. What an awesome awesome time it was!! It has been years since we were there and the place has just exploded with new interactive exhibits. We had a blast!

YOU MADE IT!! Here we are at our last day of Ghost Blogging and I should be back to regular blogging tomorrow. Have you enjoyed our museum time so far? There was one more nook we explored called The Field Of Play. It was full of all sorts of interactive fun...

play 9
play 63
play 64
play 65
play 66
play 69
play 70
play 72

And, I haven't even shown you half of all the photos I took while we played! You can see the full collection of images here in my Flickr set called The National Museum Of Play. If you have kids, or are just young at heart, I think you should come visit me here in Rochester and we shall go for an adventure to the museum. I know my kids would love to go back!!

And one last thing I had to share. I could help but admire the quotes all through out the building...

play 73
play 74
play 75
play 76


Shirley said...

Wow, those are the coolest pics ever!! This place looks like soooo much fun! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Red Bird Jewellery said...

That looks like such fun. Brilliant quotes too. I love to play!