Saturday, December 16, 2006

An Art Outing

Sorry about going MIA again the past few days. I am here, I am healthy, it has been another bunch of busy busy days.

Here is a play by play...

Thursday's private class went great! Wende and Andrea were wonderful ladies and a pleasure to work with. We had a mini Totally Twisted class and also went over proper finishing techniques for stringing, using crimps, crimp covers and that kind of thing. During a short break we hopped over to Sas A Fras Flowers for a little aroma therapy. It is a fantastic flower shop in the warehouse that Studio 34 is located in.
The beads I told you about were not fit to be photographed. They turned out terrible. But that is okay, it wasn't my twisties that sucked it was the colors that weren't working. So, I will keep making practice beads until I get a color combo I really love.
Thursday evening was a rough one. The kids are really really wound up anticipating Christmas and with Ron's new schedule at school, I was too tired to deal. I closed myself in my room as soon as Ron came home and went to bed early.
Friday was another hectic one. I am one proud Momma though, at Ontario Primary (Andrew's school) each month they focus on a different character building skill. The kids are honored with "Hooray" Awards when they show these skills. At the assembly they also give out academic "Hoorays" too. Andrew was given a big HOORAY for writing this month!! YOOO HOOO ANDREW!! This from the boy who would even attempt to form sentences last year. I am soo proud of him.
But at the same time we were at the assembly, we got a call that we had another death in the family. This time Ron's step grandfather, Jake Bargo, had past away. He was 97!! What a long life to get to live. We will be at services tomorrow and Monday so if I am MIA again, you'll know where I am. Jake was a very nice man and a mentor to my father-in-law as well as Jacob. I know he'll be missed.
If all that wasn't enough, Ron and I had a work Christmas party last night too. It was a welcome break from all the hullabaloo of the holidays. All three kids went to my Mom's for an overnighter (as the kids call it). They were spoiled with pizza, air hockey, and apple pie. The kids all said the visit was too short. They wanted to stay all day today. Ron and I took the kids free time and got most of our wrapping done. But unfortunately, I got the wrong kind of paper (the 25 square foot kind). We ran out fast, so I will have to hit the dollar store for some more paper this week.
Anyway... that leads me to the events of this afternoon. My good friend Lindsey and I had been planning an art outing for a while now. The Georgia O'Keefe Art and Conservation Exhibit came to the Memorial Art Gallery here in Rochester. We finally got to go and check the exhibit out today. The photo on the blog here is of my favorite piece at the show it is called "Corn #2". What I love about it is that it was actually painted with transparent greens over yellows and ivorys. The art was nice, but honestly, the exhibit was a little disappointing. The work on display was more of her abstracts and early work. I would have loved to see more of her florals. The few that were there were stunning. I got myself a very pretty print of a beautiful purple flower. I will be hanging it in the studio when I can find the time. After we went though the show, we went and wondered through the rest of the gallery. I forgot that the gallery has several Monet's and a Renoir too. Just beautiful!!! I don't know many better ways to spend an afternoon.
So there is lots going on this week. Classes, book club, Christmas.... I can't wait!

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