Saturday, December 23, 2006

Eve's Eve

It's Christmas Eve Eve, lol. Kinda weird having Christmas on a Monday, don't ya think? Just having a regular old weekend then all a sudden, boom, it's Christmas morning. I have a feeling the next 48 hours are going to fly by. Then again some moments are just going to drip by.

Sorry about skipping the update yesterday. I was actually holding off in hopes that Franc from book club would email me the group photo we took at our book club party. As soon as she does, you can bet, it'll be posted. Unless I think I look terrible in the photo, lol. The party, needless to say, was a BLAST!! YOO HOO!! I arrived around 7pm (Ron had class so I was a little late waiting for him to get home) everyone was there just getting ready to hear all about painting pottery. You wouldn't believe how hard everyone was concentrating on their painting!! It was impossible to get a glass of wine down, lol. No time to sip and chat, must paint. The ladies were getting a quick snack while waiting for layers of glaze to dry. And everyone painted their own stuff!! No designated painter jobs for me. Though, I did give Linda some advice on how to stencil a "K" on her ceramic wine stopper which led to a big black blob that I fixed. SORRY I MADE YOU MAKE A BLOB LINDA! LOL. I am dying to see my finished piece. The pick up date is Jan 30th, so I'll have to wait all week to see it. But lets see if I can describe it. I didn't have a plan, just kinda went with the flow. I picked a large ceral style bowl and I chose dark cabernet, deep blue/green, sea mist, black and white. The inside is half checkered half solid blue/green with cabernet and sea mist polka dots. By time I got to painting the outside it was 15 mins to closeing so Linda helped me slap on a layer of passion purple and I took little bottles of some random colors and made swirls and dots all around the top edge.

The shop closed at 9pm so we popped into the resturant next door to do our white elephant book exchange. I have never done a white elephant exchange before. I don't really know why it's called that but anyway, we each drew a number 1-12 and piled all the wrapped books in the middle of the table. In order we picked a gift and opened it. If the next person in line liked what you opened, they had the option to steal it then you got to open another one. I opened a great cookbook at first. Then it was stolen by Chris. And I opened "The Kite Runner". It was the book Tami brought. Tami and I have very similar reading tastes and she just loved this book so I am excited to read it. I hope I can get it done by the next book club so she and I can talk about it. The book I took was "Gap Creek - The Story Of A Marriage" by Robert Morgan. At first Chelsea opened it then Renee stole it. LOL. I think Renee is gonna love it. If you are looking for a reason to want to hug your husband and be thankful for the life you have, read Gap Creek.

Yesterday was another day of running around. It was the kids party day at school! Lauren had an early morning party with Santa at preschool!! Then Andrew had an afternoon gathering with a school concert afterward. Singing is number 1395872983492 on Andrew's Top 10 things to do. He really loaths singing, but he did surprisingly well, I think I saw him mouth at least one of the songs, lol.

Ron is out golfing this morning with my Dad, I told y'all it was warm here. It's around 50 and sunny which to Ron means hitting the links. He loves to golf!! He went Wednesday too, remember. When he gets home, I am hitting the streets for some last minute Christmas goodies. I stayed up til after midnight wrapping last night and ran out of paper, again. I still have 5-6 things left to wrap. I also need to figure out what I am getting for my sister. I am just not having any "AH HA" moments on what she'll love. But I am working on it.

So, our plans for the big day... festivities start tomorrow. The five of us are heading out to mass at my grandparent's church. Then over to Ron's Uncle's house for the Ange Family Christmas Eve party. I am hoping we are home by 10pm cause otherwise people get grumpy Christmas Day. We'll be up bright and early to check out Santa's goodies. We'll play games, make breakfast together, and have some fun. My parents and sister will be here for dinner and then my in-laws will be by for dessert.

I'll stop back in between now and then with lots of photo for you!!

Till then... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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Cindy said...

Hey Kerry
Sounds like SO much with the pottery! I read Gap Creek several years ago and remember feeling rather depressed by it...
Your festivities sound like fun...good luck tonight with that last-minute shopping.
~ Cindy