Sunday, December 31, 2006



Are you all napping and saving your energy for the count down tonight? We aren't actually napping but we are taking it easy around here. We have had a great lazy couple of days. For tonight, we are heading over to our good friend's home. Pat and Julie have two boys, Louis and Joey, that are close in age to Lauren and Andrew. All the kids get along great, or rather, Jacob can tolerate these youngsters very well, and we always have a wonderful time with them. I can't wait!! This is out third New Year's eve get together and I think it is a tradition that we'll keep going for a long time.

I got lots of bead goodies ready for Tuesday. I have been working in this one color combo for what feels like weeks now and I am already ready for a change. I have something fun in mind for the next bead box update after Tuesday's. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. For this update, I am really excited about a new "squared" design. Today at the torch I was in a lovey-dovey mood, lol. I have lots of hearts cooling. Free form heart pendant, hearts on lentils, hearts on nuggets... hearts hearts hearts.

Have fun tonight and be safe... SEE YA NEXT YEAR!

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