Monday, December 18, 2006

Late Night Jitters

How many times have I told you people to not let me drink coffee in the evening!?! I know I know, there is nothing you can do to stop me. Last night I had the chills so around 6pm, after dinner, I had a small cup o' joe. BAD IDEA! I was up till after midnight tossing and turning. It did warm me up enough though to get my wheels turning. So, before the Survivor Finale, I popped out to the studio to do some color combo test beads. I still can't seem to get dark red with lavendar out of my head. I made just three beads, watched the finale, and then went back out to the torch and made a few more.

The test beads turned out sweet. I love 'em. Now that I have finally got the color combo looking the way it does in my head, I will do a few more mini sets for the Bead Box. I will probably hold off on posting them though. We'll see. But lemme put it this way, "Kiss and Tell" is their name, Valentine's is their day. Yes, I am acting like discount chain stores and looking at holidays months ahead of time and even before we finished the one in front of us. Don't you hate when Christmas stuff is out in October... what happened to Halloween? Oh well.

The service today was very nice and thanks to those that sent messages today. I will let Ron know you were thinking of us. We didn't know Jake well, but from the feelings at the ceremony, he was a really great guy. I am thankful though that there are no more step-grandparents in this family or I would be worried. People say bad things happen in threes. I really don't want another funeral this holiday season.

So, I was just out at the torch again, playing before dinner. I only had a little time so I was working on discs again. I had black and silver silk cording now so between Bead Box beads, I'll be creating another disc-ie piece of jewelry. ALL BLACK AND WHITE. I am addicted to black and white. Which is why there was 2 pounds of black glass in the order that arrived late this afternoon. I run out so fast.

Alright, enough playing on the computer, Ron could use a hand making dinner. Chicken on the grill. Yeah, it's in the 50's here so it's still grillin' weather. WHERE IS THE SNOW??? Looks like we are in for a muddy Christmas.

FREE BEADS>>>> THIS WEEK'S FREEBIE WINNER IS CINDY W!! YOO HOOOO CINDY!! Thanks so much for the support everyone. I do so greatly appreciate it, keep the votes coming. I will photograph and post new beads tomorrow. THANKS AGAIN :)

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