Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Free Beads, Cheap Beads and More

My days of the week are all screwy. I finally remembered to take free bead pics and draw this week's winner. You can go check out the new freebies and the mystery freebies on my website now. Thanks for your patience gals. A big YOO HOO goes out to Heather H. as this week's winner! Yooo Hooo!! I really appreciate all your votes, I know this is a hectic time of year for everyone and I know you have better things to do then sit around your computer voting for free beads. So thanks for taking the time to remember me!!

This time of year, as well as being hectic, is very finiky when it comes to beads. I know some Ebay beads are getting hundreds and hundreds of dollars and others aren't getting a second glance. I don't know if it is people saving their pennies for the holidays or what but it seems to be a pattern. This time every year, things slow way down. Which is fine, but I got a bunch of Bead Box beads just gathering dust. So, against my better judgement, I marked them all down! Sale sale sale!! Go check 'em out!!

Speaking of beads, maybe you'll remember that I actually make them, lol. Though I haven't seen the flame of the torch in almost two weeks now!! I keep saying I am going to make beads then things keep coming up and I don't get to it. Look at this blog of mine, it has been weeks since I had a photo of new stuff. I will tell you, I was kept awake for a while last night designing some new pieces in my head. So, fingers crossed, I will start to come up with some new things soon.

I have started researching new torches!! I am thinking winter is the best time to upgrade because from what I have heard, it takes a while to relearn techniques on a new torch. I am considering a "Bobcat" from GTT. It's very exciting but I have yet to actually order it. I am scared to, it's such a big jump. Plus, I still need to research tanks, hoses, regulators and oxygen concentrators. Do I wanna have an oxygen machine or a tank that'll need to get refilled? Hmmm.

Alrighty, I need to get a shower, take Lauren to school and I am off to some holiday shopping.

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