Monday, December 04, 2006

Jacob Claus

Thanks for all the ideas on dealing with this holiday delimma of mine. I had forgotten how, when Bonnie and I were little, my Mom would give us the big JCPenney Christmas book to make our lists. It's a great idea. Andrew already has a jump on his list, it's current 4 pages of pictures cut out of the Target Christmas circular. LOL, he hasn't quite grasped the concept of cost yet. Which is to be expected, he is only seven.

I ran around like mad woman for most of today. It started with a 9:30 dentist appointment that I finally did NOT reschedule. My jaw is soooo sore. It was a little filling but I have a bit of TMJ, so holding my mouth open really wide for a long time hurts. Then Lauren and I helped my Mom run a few errands. She is brewing a big pot of chili today and needed some chili powder, or something like that. Then Lauren got dropped off to school and Jacob got picked up early (well child exam today).

Jacob and I rarely get any quality quiet time together. It was wonderful spending the afternoon with him. And he was an awesome resource that I had completely over looked. Jacob and I had the big Santa "talk" last year. My Dad had me convinced that it was time since he (my Dad) had known by first grade. Anyway, when we had this big talk I told Jacob that he has a responsiblity to help keep the spirit and magic of Christmas alive for others. He is such a smarty, he knew just what I meant. So we were driving to his doctor's appointment and by time we got there, he had a list of a dozen things he was hoping to get and a bunch he knew Andrew wanted too. We got done with the doctor's early and I decided to pop into Target with Jacob. He LOVED shopping for his little brother and sister with me. Okay he didn't really enjoy shopping for Lauren things, but he was sooo helpful for Andrew. Check out what we found. Pretty cool huh? Andrew is gonna love it!! Now all I have to worry about is keeping the kids out of my fiding place in the garage.

Slowly but surely, the Christmas buzz is starting to sink in. I love it. There were flurries of snow today, Christmas carols on the radio, and Jacob & Lauren are watching A Christmas Story right now. I am going to help the kids make our annual ornament later tonight. We are going to mini button wreathers. Today's photo is from years ago when the boys were in a small in home daycare, while I was working in an "office" (that only lasted one year). Jacob is four years old, too cute! I have a matching one of Andrew too. If you don't have an ornament planned for this year already, this one is super easy. You just need a Santa Claus hat and some shaving cream. Snap a pic them glue it on card stock or craft paper. Ta da....

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