Friday, December 08, 2006

A Freezing Fanny

Brrrrrr.... chatter chatter chatter.... can you hear my teeth clicking as I shiver? Dang it is cold in the studio!! I just spent 2 hours making beads in the freaking freezing garage. It was only 30 degrees out there, and it's only 20 something outside with a windchill in the teens. I can't complain too much. Santa brought me a little mini ceramic space heater for under my desk last year. It keeps my little toes warm and my legs up to my knees. Then the warmth of the torch keeps my face and hands toasty. What is left out in the coldness of garage space is my fanny. (For you British readers, I am refering to my butt, I have heard fanny means something else over there.) LOL! I came in and (you are going to laugh) I wanted to change in to some pajama pants to warm up... here it comes... my backside was ICY!! Okay, not iterially icy, but extremely cold to the touch, lol. Do they make stools with heated seats? If you know of any, send me the link, I need one bad.

My torch time was really productive and I can't wait can't wait to see the new kiln contents. I worked on a couple orders and had a blast doing more disks. I never got out to the torch yesterday, I forgot Ron's school schedule has changed. He is in class Tuesday and Thursday nights now. So I made up for it this afternoon. I have two dozen more disks annealing right now. I also started to string up the ones from the other day and I was literally squealing because the new design is turning out soooooo cool. EEEKKKK!!! So cool that I have designed a matching bracelet too.

Everyone got there VCRs set to tape Rudolf, Frosty and Frosty Returns tonight? We have a few tv specials on tape but Rudolf and Frosty aren't on the list. So, the whole family will be watching tonight. Then we are heading out Christmas tree hunting tomorrow. Today's photos are of the ornaments I told ya about the other day. One for me, Jacob, Andrew and Lauren. They are button wreaths. JoAnn Fabrics sells mix packs of buttons for a couple buck a piece. The way we did it we got 2 wreaths a button pack. The rainbow one is my favorite. Didn't they turn out cute?
Ron just pulled in so time to wrap up... I'll be back tomorrow with tales of our Christmas tree hunting.

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