Sunday, December 10, 2006

A hunting we went

I am warning you now, if you are on dial up... go away... go far away. This page is going to take forever to load!! I am giving you a play by play photo tour of our tree hunting expodition. We went to a little place we have gone to before. We don't go there every year, but most years. It's Dennie's Christmas Tree Farm. It is in the back yard of a family that I remember from elementary school. Turns out that cute guy, Tim, that I had a crush on in kindergarten and first grade is now a doctor in Syracuse. lol. Oh well, he did alwasy like Liz Steele better. I am over it. Anyway, back to tree hunting. Lauren picked this tree right away, I wonder why? lol. It was just her size, but I told her to look for a BIG one.

With in moments of arriving a battle insued. There was a big gang of tree hunters on this adventure. My Mom & Dad, our five, my cousin Charity and her husband Brad, Brad's Dad and his brother too. Brad is like an uncle to the boys, no wait scratch that, Brad is like on over grown kid to the boys, lol. He is 6 foot 3 inchs and all fun, lol. He started the snow ball fight that lasted about 45 minutes. Andrew wouldn't even pause for a picture... he had to make another snowball.

It is fun to have a snowball fight in the tree. There are so many good hiding places. Here is Jacob getting ready to bounce. I, unfortunately, didn't get to play. Andrew wore a pair of mittens that weren't good for making snowballs, so he took my gloves. You can't make snowballs with bare hands and live to tell the tale so I had to stay out of the way.

That cousin and husband I mentioned before... this is them. Charity and I have been cousins forever, that's just how it goes, families and all. Our Mom's are twin sisters. So we were raised together most of our lives. Charity and Brad have been together for ages and were married in 2003. Guess what... see that little bump in Charity's belly? They are expecting there first in June!!! Poor thing has been sick as a dog. So sick that the doctor has put her on anti nausa meds and sleeping pills. I never noticed it before, but me and Charity kinda look a little alike. You can see our Mom's in us I guess. Except that my Dad is German French and Irish, her Dad was pure Italian. See that snowball in Brad's hand? I told you he is an instigator. I told him we are trying to find a tree no more playing. And I told him stop playign with my kids and get your own, he said he is working on it, lol.

I keep going off on tangents. So it goes. Anyway, once the snowballs stopped flying and we got down to picking a tree, this is the one everyone agreed on. It's about 7 feet tall and has a big full body. Jacob thinks we made a copy of last years tree. I guess we like a certain kind, lol. We have so many bulbs and ornaments that we have to get a big one!!

Jacob wanted to be more grown up this year and cut the tree down. Ya know that didn't last long! Sawing is hard work. He did try though and so did Andrew and Lauren too. I have photos of everyone taking a turn cutting but since I already have soooo many pictures, I'll spare you the download time. Ron ended up doing the rest of the cutting. But I know that one of these years Jacob will get that saw all the way through. Make note of how little snow is left on the ground. That's because the kids were still making snowballs even though the fight was over.

It is has be come tradition the past three years to make the boys carry the tree to the car. Trees are surprisingly light. They drag really easily. Once we got the tree home, we but on some hot chocolate and It's A Wonderful Life then got to work. I put on the light and the star while Ron worked on a pan of awesome sauce. He makes pasta sauce from scratch that should be jarred and sold. It was incredible, but that's another blog for another day. The kids and Ron hung all the ornaments. I am the ornament boss, I sort and pick which ones get hung. I hand then out one by one to be hung with care. We made it though the whole trimming with sacrificing only one bulb to the garbage. (yeah, Andrew broke that one.)

Didn't we do great!!! It turned out sooo pretty. It was dark by time we were done so the photo is aweful. My camera really doesn't work well for these kinds of photos. The kids love the tree and can't keep their hands off it. They keep moving ornaments, lol. I am going to add some beady garland later. Can you believe there are six strands of lights on there and it still has bare spots!! You defiantely don't get the scale of how big it is in this picture. Just wait until Santa comes!!
So today I am going to do some Christmas shopping and I am heading up the Studio 34 this afternoon. The studio has extended the Open House through the end of the month with Holiday Hours every weekend until the new year. Today is one of my "shifts". I can't wait to show off the new necklace :D Plus, the studio has one of the torches I want to upgrade to so I will get to test it out today! Should be fun! See ya tomorrow ;)

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