Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Chocolate Wrappings

The auction has started! You can check it out HERE!

I decided that these beads are just too cool to let them collect dust on my desk! So, I have turned them into one big set, renamed the "Chocolate Wrappings" and popped them up on Ebay. They are just such friendly beads, and they play so well together. I know they will find a good home and become something great! I am only slightly concerned about Ebay's fickle befavior right now. If they don't sell, hey, it's a sign that I need to do something cool and great with them, right? The auction starts later tonight so be sure to click the link to the right and check 'em out. There are lots of new photos.

These colors for sone reason are just impossible to photograph!! I took about 60 photos, with flash, without flash, outside, and inside, with bright lights, with natural lights... nothing worked! So you know what I am adding to my list for Santa? A photo tent! I don't know if they make all that much difference, but I think it's worth a try. I want to have a photo set up in the studio downstairs. One that I can walk up, flip on some lights, snap a few shots and be ready to go. Winter can bring days of no sun here, I can't be limited to taking picks just when the sun is out.

I have been forgetting to tell you all where I will be traveling this summer... I AM GOING TO THE BEAD AND BUTTON SHOW!!! I am on pins and needles waiting for the class catalog to arrive. My roomie, Holly over at Silver Lotus Studio, already got her copy. I am thinking I will take an advanced lampworking class (Holly says there is a cool one about dots not being round), maybe something in PMC, definately something wire related, and I wanna so some kinda metalsmithing. Holly and I are thinking of taking a class by Susan Kazmer. You will remember her from the SBS Wire issue I was in, she had the cover project and a featured artist article inside. I am SOOOO excited to go!! I hope time flies by between now and then!!

I haven't been in much a beading mood since Saturday but I am hoping to get to the torch tonight. I have a couple orders to work on and more disk designs I need to get out of my head. I have great plans for that new design!! I also have some new Bead Box Beads in mind, anyone in the mood for white, aqua and turquoise? Before I can do too much though, I need a fresh order of glass to get here. I am out of clear and black, again. Plus I ordered some new colors that loads of people on the forums are raving about... CiM French Blue and CiM Leaky Pen... I haven't found the ASK colors yet, but I will keep looking. I tend to be a creature of habit and only order from one company, so until they have it, I won't get it.

Alright, enough blogging... it's time for Lauren's lunch!


Melinda said...

White aqua and turqoise sound like a great combo--I can't wait to see. I am going to Bead and Button show also with a friend!! I am so excited, and finally this Friday we get to see the classes. I can't wait. It will be loads of fun. Happy Holidays


Merideth said...

I'll maybe see you at the show, I'm going too! I just tried to check out your auction - is it gone already!?! It said you didn't have any auctions out there.


Kerry said...

Hey Gals!

We'll have to have coffee one day at the show!!

Merideth, the auction will start around 8:30pm est.

Kerry said...

oh heck... I just started it now.

go check it out.

Bosporus Glass said...

Hii Kerry,
I love your chocolate wrappings. Hope you'll have a nice auction.
I wish I could go to the show as well. It must be like a heaven...
I am sure you all have a wonderful time over there. God, why do I live this far away?
Wish you best.