Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cry Baby

Yesterday's post was rather incomplete. I was interupted no less then 10 times so my trains of throughts kept getting stopped. Since I was so oftenly rudely interupted there was lots I forgot to tell you about! So here is attempt two at a proper posting.
Are you wondering what you are looking at in today's photo? Well there is a long story behind this. First know this, my Mom is a very very very thoughtful gift giver, always finding just the thing to make you cry. When my Mom and Dad were dating, more then 30 years ago, my Dad gave my Mom a Linde Star Sapphire ring as a promise ring. Way back when people used to give pre-engagement rings. A few years later he gave her a matching pair of earrings. Bonnie and I have always debated "who gets what" when Mom kicks it, sounds aweful, but it has always been in good fun. Well, it has been said that I get Mom's wedding rings, Bonnie gets Mom's sapphire and Charity (our cousin) gets the earrings. In a very wonderful turn of events, Mom took her earrings and had the sapphire in each one set into a ring, the ring in the photo, one for me and one for Bonnie. Mom was balling before she handed us the boxes, lol. This is a very special ring to me now and as soon as I get it sized, it won't be leaving my right hand :)
Yesterday I was finally able to give that private Berry Wine lesson I mentioned a couple weeks back. HEY MARCIA :) Things went great and my student left with not one but two great Berry Wine bracelets. I like the quiet lessons here at my house. I definately want to have more of them. And the kids like them too cause it ment they got to go to McDonald's, then Bowling, then out for ice creams with Daddy, lol.
I have a bit of bad news, shortly after my lesson yesterday, Ron was putting together a casarole for dinner. Yummy. Well, I was standing in the kitchen with him and we were chit chatting away. He was making some stuffing for the topping and some spilled on the stove. We have a flat glass top stove, and thinking that he hadn't actually started to cook on the stove I brushed away the crumbs. OUCH!!! I have 3rd degree burns on three fingers of my right hand. Stupid, stupid girl. I tell my kids no less then a 100 times a day that the stove is hot, stay away! I need to listen to my own advice. Why is this bad news, other then hearing that your friend has been hurt? It means that I can't torch have a couple days. Heat makes burns throb. And until the big blisters are gone, it isn't going to be really comfortable holding glass rods. But I hope, it only lasts a day or two. And it wasn't sooooo bad I had to go to the ER or anything. I'll be fine. I am kinda bummed cause I heard a rumor that Santa sometimes brings people money for Christmas and that those people like to spend their Christmas dough on cool things for themselves, like beads. I wish I had some for ya, but I only have two little tiny sets. As soon as I can torch, I'll get as much made for you as I can. I have a big list of requests AND I wanna get a jump start on hearts!! You know February is my favorite month! (Mark your calendars for the 13th, it's my birthday.)
Okay, so for today... I have a dentist appointment in an hour or so. Then I am going to stop by Studio 34 and pack up my display that it still there from the Open House. They had decided to have the Open House run all month. Now that it is the end of the year, I want to collect my pretties that are left and bring them back home. (OH, and I need them cause the store owner that created the ring in the photo up there wants to see it for his shop!) After that running around... who knows whatelse we'll do today. Probably check out a hey episodes of Star Trek The Original Television Series on DVD (Santa's gift to Ron).

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