Thursday, December 28, 2006

Color Theory

I watched a fascinating special on PBS a few nights ago about piano prodigies in competitions in NYC. It followed several pianists ages 14-18 through an event that was several days long and had them doing things they had never done before, like this thing they called 1 Piano 4 Hands. You should have heard the amazing threads of sounds these kids could pull out of the pianos. It was just awe-inspiring.

There was something that stuck with me after watching that. This one teacher was saying how she had perfect pitch at the age of 3. She could just tell when things didn't sound "right". The amazing music I was hearing was truly art with the piano as the media and notes as the colors. Once my brain started connecting those dots, it made me think of myself and my art. Since I was very little, I could see when colors weren't "right". I wonder if that is one of those "gifts" that I have as an "artist", like knowing the sounds a note should make is a gift that musicians have. Sounds kinda snotty of me to give myself "gifts", lol, but it was just something that stuck with me. I do love color, love finding balances, love combining just the right shades of this and that. I see when the wrong colors are together and they are fighting for attention.

I have always found it very difficult to embrace the term "artist". I really respect the label and think too many people use it too freely. Especially in this area of NY I am in. It seems that artists have lost a lot of respect, that people see them as a dime a dozen and that anyone could do what an artist does. I think finding things that set myself apart from the everyday crafter/artist will help me better identify myself as an actual Artist. This new theory on color is going to be one of those things in my mind that I think sets me apart.

So, I just thought I would share my little theory and enlightenment. Feel free to share the things that set you apart from the jewelry maker next door. I would love to hear what you think!! And if you can't think of anything, then that is what you need to make your New Year's Resolution... find what makes you different and celebrate it!!

In other news... thanks so much for all your Hope-You-Heal-Soon messages. My fingers are feeling much better. I just need to try really really hard to not pop the big blisters. I was actually able to make a couple beads yesterday. I did some things that didn't require a lot of detail, so my hands stayed away from the flame. I am very pleased with what I am seeing. I keep squealing when I open the kiln so it's a very good sign. I am hoping to do a Bead Box update on Tuesday when everyone heads back to school and work.

My Mom picked this week's freebie winner and it's CHRISSIE K! Yoo Hoo Chrissie!! I will get the next pic posted asap. The beads are already strung and ready for their debut. Something bright and colorful :) Thanks sooo sooo much for your support everyone. It is very greatly appreciated!

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