Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Domestic Duties

Does anyone actually know anyone (besides Martha Stewart) who enjoys domestice responsibilites?

LOL, I don't and boy am I loathing my chores. Is there ever a time when there isn't something that needs to be dusted, washed, swept, laundered, or cooked? How is it that the angle of the sun in the winter is just right to illuminate the dust that heaters blow all over the place this time of year? Is that one of Mother Nature's inside jokes, lol.

And when a domestic diva isn't doing one of the dozens of things that needs to be done around the house, she is expected to remember the social security numbers of everyone in her family, the library's story hour schedule, countless doctor appointment dates and when the cat last had a rabies shot.

Are we Moms, Maids, Managers or Magicians?

Can you tell I spent my day doing laundry (6 loads and counting), sweeping (living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, and bedrooms), dusting (counter tops galore) and recertifing the kids health insurance papers? LOL.

It is definately time for me to seek refuge in my studio!! I'll you know the results :)


Chrissie said...
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Chrissie said...

Maybe some people like cleaning...I'm not one of them :) I spent all day Sat cleaning and we just have a town house with no kids. Though we have two cats in the house right now and they somehow manage to drag mess all over the house and a bunch of nieces and nephews that like to hang out at our house but we can give them back. I feel like I could clean everything everday. I truthfully don't know how you gals with kids do it...I think I would lose my mind, LOL.

Lora_3 said...

I've always joked that the key is two loads of laundry a day. When I worked and had 4 kids at home that was the rule. LOL

Just remember being Super Mom is boring. I love Martha but remember she lost her husband by being too Domestic.

Your a good Mom. Hang in there.

Be safe...