Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Autumn Reeling

I seem to be on a roll! I am not gonna say that its a "groove" quite yet. But lots of cool things are getting made these days.

This one is "Autumn Reeling". I LOVE these colors!! It is much more purple then the photos give it credit for. This will match my new playground bracelets swimmingly. But you are gonna have to wait for tomorrow to see those. :P

I spent a major portion of the day making beads. My Mom was gracious enough to take my monsterous children for the day so I could work. I have three more playgrounds in the kiln right now. That sounds silly doesn't it... "playgrounds in the kiln"? Weird. And I was able to string/wire up 2 more new necklaces. YOO HOO!

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Leslie said...

Gad, you're such a whiz with wire! Love how you've got those yummy rings put together. How do you keep thinking of all this great stuff? :) Love it!