Sunday, August 12, 2007

Phantom Virus

WOW... we have had an exhausting weekend around here. I swear the other day when Ron asked me, "What are we doing this weekend".... I told him, "Nothing".

Lets start with yesterday. Many of you will remember that my good friend Lindsey and I are a special kind of birthday buddies. Our special days are 6months apart to the day (her Aug13 and me Feb13). We make a point of going out to lunch to celebrate. For my day, we hit Aja Noodle... for her day, it was desserts for lunch at Simply Crepes. We started by sharing some crepe-adilias. A crepe layered with cheese and fresh diced tomato. Then rather then having one of the many delicious entree crepes... we had a dessert crepe! We both got the same thing. It was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Creme Crepe. Loads of ooyie, gooyie crunchy peanut butter with fudge and chunks of banana all nestled in a bed of vanilla ice cream. I, of course, inhaled almost all of it and in my new smaller size, I haven't been having much dairy and BOY did it do a number on me!! I was nibbling fresh mint leaves from Lindsey's garden after lunch trying to settle my stomach down. LOL... lesson learned, lol. No appetizers and desserts... I'll explode!

It took most of the afternoon to get feeling myself again... but eventually I did. And I made some new test beads for a new pendant design bubbling in my brain. Ron and I enjoyed a quiet night waiting for the dark to come so we could try to see some shooting stars. But then... my sister called and asked if I would come up to the city for an impromptu outing. I feel like I never really get "out" anymore so I said sure! I haven't been to a 'bar' in years, LOL! It was fun people watching (man do I feel old in a room full of girls that look like teeny boppers in halter tops), playing darts (me and Bonnie's friend Dan won!) and laughing so hard I just about peed my pants! I have to say, I am proud of myself... I have become very responsible in my old age. I had just one beer all night. I knew I was driving and I knew I had to get up early... so I was very well behaved. I got home very late, around 1:30am... and for some strange reason found myself up at 4:30 am pucking my brains out!! Wait a minute here... I only had one beer... why am I getting sick? I think it is a phantom virus or something. It could be what made me almost loose my yummy lunch... and what woke me from a sound sleep... and has me still queasy even now.

I wish I could say that I was able to get back to sleep and stayed in bed late... but NO!! I was up, showered and out the door by 8am for a very special baptism. My cousin Charity's daughter, Amber, was being Christened today!! And my sister Bonnie is Amber's God Mother. After Mass we spent the entire afternoon at a backyard cookout celebrating Amber's special day. Jacob and my cousin Curtis (age 24 and Amber's Uncle) are two pees in a pod. Curtis used to play football when he was Jacob's age. He was giving him lots of pointers and tips. Andrew was glued to the volleyball net with the 'big' kids. And Miss Lauren was having a blast playing with about 8 little girls from 2-5 years old. Talk about fun!!

Now we are back home... stuffed to capacity. I actually put on my loose yoga pants when I got home, I am so stuffed. We are gonna just relax the day rest of the day away.

As far as beads and jewelry goes... I have loads of new bottle caps made... everyone who sees these gets one! They are a huge hit around town here!! I have been consulting my fashion guru sister and I hear "jewel tones" are very in this Fall so I have started pulling out all my dark rich rods of glass. I will be spending this week working on new "Fall Flings" in these jewel tone colors... I have about 15 new color combos written down for Playground bracelets too... plus those projects I teased in one of my other posts this week. So, I should have loads of "stuff" to share in the coming days.

I am very excited to see what a huge hit "The RETRO Dozen" has become. It's on the eBay Pulse Page... did you see? Thank you so much for all the bids!! What till you see what the proceeds of these last couple of auctions is going towards. It is gonna be a BIG surprise! Stay tuned!!

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jessi said...

Hey Kerry, just a quick comment:

1. Your playground bracelets are amazing!!! They look so full and bright and chunky, i love the retro-y look. I'm jealous that i don't have one :D

2. Your bottle caps are so neat, i don't know how you keep coming up with these ideas! I've got my eye on them in your etsy shop. Is the resin thing easy to do, cuz i've been wanting to create jewellery with mini versions of paintings i've been doing and the resin thing looks like it could be perfect for it.

Jessi :)