Friday, August 31, 2007

A Week Recaped

Hold on to your seats people!! I have pictures of SEVEN new Playground bracelets here!!

First up is one that needs a little help with it's name. It's a perfect match to the beads up on eBay right now. Lots of yummy metallic plum and copper green. PLUS, it has a new kinda of twistie called a Wig-Wag. Sarah Hornik had a thread on LE about these a few months ago and I couldn't figure out how to make them. Then, all a sudden, the other day... light bulb... I figured it out!! A wigwag twists this way and that. Kinda twisting back and forth. Very cool.

This one is a stellar color combo!! Classic too. It's silvered ivory (which is ivory glass that I burnish fine silver foil into), black and clear, and called "Cosmic Playground". SI is really amazing. When you drop clear on it, it looks like there are galaxies under the surface of the clear. Just mesmerizing.

This one is called "Fudge Factory". Brown on brown with more brown and let me see, some more brown. I love this bracelet. It is so earthy!! There are few beads with a dabbling of raku too. I like all the stripes on this one.

Who remembers "Afternoon Sun"? This one is right up the afternoon sunny alley, but with a bit of brown too. I am calling it "Climbing Fall Trees". Doesn't it look like a maple tree when it is at the peak of Fall color? I think so. LOL.

After the early part of the week full of darker more muted colors, it was time to pull ALL the colors out! Meet "The Triplets", every playground has a set of triplets doesn't it? Each one kinda looks like the others, but each with their very own personality. I didn't want to go too bright, so to deepen the colors, I changed red to dark red. With the darker shade of red, all the colors are so much richer.

Besides all these Playgrounds, I went fabric shopping with my friend Lindsey, I took the kids to "Meet The Teachers" and I had a private class yesterday too!!

It has been a nutty week!!


gaby said...

Wow, those are beautiful!
All of them are so gorgeous!

windycindy said...

Kerry! I love the new jewelry concepts and they earthy color are my very favorite! My mom was a triplet in 1920. Can you imagine? Cindi