Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Retro Dozen

Here is the LINK to the auction for "The Retro Dozen"!
It starts at 9:00pm EST.



How totally unexpected are these? They even shocked me! I have been bouncing around this design in my head for weeks and weeks now. They are inspired by some fabric used on a bag by BlackBags on etsy. It was this "Hi Fi Aqua" bag. I never made them because I couldn't figure out what colors I wanted to use. I love blues but just couldn't come up with the right combo for what was in my head. I couldn't wait any longer and yesterday I started making these and just went for it in classic Black White and Gray.

I am calling them "The Retro Dozen". I struggled with the name for hours! But then I thought... there is a "Baker's Dozen"... there is "The Dirty Dozen"... why not "The Retro Dozen"? I have to say, I am having a really really hard time letting these go. I am so in LOVE with them. I just wanna hold them and cuddle them. If I had seen them made by another artist, I would have added them to my favorites and lusted after them. Then if by chance I could win them, I wouldn't make anything with them... I would just admire and stare at them for ages. I think they are a true "collector's" set.

I told you last week that I was hitting the ground running on Monday and I am sticking to that. I already had two torch sessions yesterday and one this morning. I got this new set made, plus the beads for a new Playground bracelet, a new necklace and another new design. I am hoping the beads for the new design turn out like I hope. If they do, I will be back out at the torch after football practice tonight making what I need to finish it. I think I am really ready for Fall and the pieces for my next show are going to reflect that. I am actually kinda excited to explore really cool Fall color combos!!

Oh, I wanted to share this with you... check out the work of Carrie Armstrong Reid on Etsy. I think these mugs are the coolest things I have ever seen! The design is incredible, and I know coffee mugs (I got a million of them!). I just had to have one!! You all better get one too!!

I'll pop back in later with the link to the auction for you. And you all better not make regret listing these... I wanna see lots of enthusiastic bidding people!


Anonymous said...

hi! how do you hold the mug...it looks fantastic!?

Kerry said...

My mug is still the post, but I imagine you hold it like a knob.