Saturday, August 04, 2007

Outta Ordinarily

Here it is again... one of those situations where I don't know if I have lost my mind or if I have come up with something really cool. LOL. Check out "Outta Ordinarily"... my latest necklace design. It was these links that kept me up the other night. I had several rings on my desk already... then stole a few from lariats (shhhh, don't tell... I'll put new ones back, I promise)... then made some more. It took 21 assorted glass rings to make this necklace!!

It is very chunky... and totally funky. I love it!! I love how the rings move a little... I love all the colors (glass and coated copper too)... I like the length... I just like everything about it. But then... I don't know... it is very asymmetrical (which is cool), and it is a LOT of color... and oh, I don't know... it is that tiny bit of funk still pulling at me, making me think it might not be good. Hopefully you can let me know with some comments. I love me some comments. And comments are anonymous... so really say how you feel. As long as you aren't spamming (ex... giving a link to some pass production plant in China)... I'll post your comment.

The "one thing" about this one. The class is going to wear off the colored copper coating in parts. It just can't be helped. The rings rub in spots and those spots are going to loose color. I don't think it will detract from the look. I think it will actually look kinda cool with some shiny copper here and there.

I have been experimenting all afternoon!! Not only did I finish this piece, but I made some new test beads for pendants. And, I also got the first of several packages I am expecting this week. A few days ago, I won an auction for a big batch of vintage unused bottle caps. Really cool ones... lots of colors... cool 'words' on them... just really neat things. When at Corn Hill a few weeks ago, so many people commented on the bottle cap necklace (scroll down when you hit the link, it's the first photo) I made for my sister that I had to promise to make some for the next show. At least a dozen people wanted to buy it off her neck. SO... bottle caps... those came today and I have about 15 of them (they are sorta easy to make, I'll explain later) filled with 'stuff' and resin, curing on the my newly painted table. Tomorrow, baring any major disaster (ex... kids knocking over the newly painted table holding resin filled bottle caps), I will have lots of those to show and tell about! Stay tuned!

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