Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Table Project: Day 2

IT'S WORKING!! I am feeling the funk starting to wear off!! YOO HOO!! I couldn't sleep last night... and you wanna know why? Well cause I was designing a new wire link for a necklace in my head. And you know whatelse... I was checking to see when things I ordered recently are gonna be delivered and I was actually MAD to see that it isn't until the end of next week! And that is saying something. I haven't been excited to see the UPS guy in a while.

The table is coming along well. I am happy with how it is turning out. I am kicking myself though for using that one square of pumpkin orange. It is an aweful color to use in the other blocks cause it is semi-transparent. AKA... ugly. Oh well... I am workign it out. I was thinking today that this would make a fabulous fabric collection!! So if any of you know who to talk to about starting a "Fabric Collection" let me know. I am thinking "Kab's Calicos" has a nice ring to it, don't you?

There are just a few more blocks to fill in tomorrow and I will start to put sealer on it. It is such a fun addition to the studio!! Jacob came down to see what I was working on and he says "Mom, did you paint all that?" And was like "Yeah... what did you think I was doing with all the paint and paint brushes?" He says "WOW, it looks like a real artist did it." "Honey, I am a real artist" "No Mom, someone who's career is an artist." I am thinking I will always be "just Mom".


Anonymous said...

WOW, that table makes me want to watch alice in wonderland! or come over and have a mad hatter tea party with lauren!


Cindy said...

Your table is truly amazing! And yes, Mom IS an artist!!! :-)
~ Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hello! I LOVE your beads! Re: fabric collections - do you read the blogs of either Heather Bailey or Anna Maria Horner? Both of those ladies are AMAZING fabric designers and you might get some info there!!

Good luck!


Kerry said...

Thanks Gals!

Hilary, thanks so much for those names. I googled them and just love their collections! I sent FreeSpirit an email to find out more about a fabric collection :) Hey, you never know, right.


Anonymous said...

Hello again,

I'm so pleased you got in touch with FreeSpirit - hope it works out for you!

All the best

Hilary (no blog so sadly anon).