Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Grungy Fall

Here they are... the first of the latest Fall Playgrounds. They aren't all "fally" but the purple ones are, and the teal one is. Oh, and the watermelon looking one... it matches the sage green cord pants and pink t-shirt I am wearing! And it looks fallish. Isn't the blue one just totally FUN! I love it!! I have beads for more on my desk, sorted, waiting to be strung. But I need black cording for 'em and I am out. Rut-roh... but it's ordered... I'll have it soon.

This one is cool, isn't it? Kinda grungy. I got lots of compliments when I was wearing (um, I mean 'testing') it today. It is very much like those beads with the moving parts, only, this one is on wire. Oh, you didn't know I was grungy? I was... really... I spent most of the 90's in one of my Dad's button down flannels with a pair of ripped jeans wallowing in the songs of Pearl Jam. My sister calls it "Complaint Rock", lol, rather then "Alternative"... she's right. But I think it is just the dark rusty colors of this that reminds me of "grunge". I love jewelry you can play with!! Those moving rings are irresistible.

Hmmmm.... I wonder what I will have to show you tomorrow.


Cindy said...

What a great show and tell today! Kerry, I LOVE your new grungy necklace...does it have a name? It is very clever indeed. :-)

~ Cindy

Anonymous said...

If you ever need a piece to be worn on the streets for opinions - I would be happy to accommodate you and share the feed back with you! Love the the grungy necklace - really anything you come up with!