Sunday, August 19, 2007

Theraurus Needed

Dang it, my clever title block is on again. Here I have a fabulous fun new necklace and nothing to call it. LOL. I have actually had a couple variations on this design floating in my head since I made my first "Temporarily" necklace a few months ago (WOW, I just checked and that was way back in MARCH!). The design kept changing even as I made it. This is just so so fun! It reminds me a lot of my "At The Playground" from way back in August 2006. This is one is different though. The beads in that older one were tiny, about the size of a dime. These ones are thick and chunky quarter size ones. But I think it is a definite merging of styles... "Temp" meets "Playground". COOL!

Have I mentioned lately (insert dramatic eye-rolling here) that I am getting ready for a show again. Oh, I am sure I have mentioned it. Well, I spent a little time this morning unloading my jewelry case and sorting out the goods. As I said before, I am excited to start focusing on Fall colors... along with my usual BRIGHTS too. I actually think I am in a pretty good position to be very well prepared. Did I just say what I think I just said? Me? Feeling prepared? Really? LOL. That is weird!! Maybe Ron is right... he said this morning that I am a veteran now when it comes to shows and I should be worried. I guess I sorta am. I have a good plan of attack ready so all should be well.

I'll have pics of yet another new necklace for you tomorrow. Plus those Playground bracelets I mentioned and the kiln is filled with beads for a new Fall version of my "Reeling" piece. Stay tuned.

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Cousas Giras said...

Hi Kerry! Í'm Paula from Portugal! I've discover your blog when i was doing a search on the internet! Congratulations i loved your work, your beads, i just wowwwwwww....:)) Loved it! nice work you have here! I'll be visiting you more often certainly! :))