Thursday, August 09, 2007

Promised Pics

When I say I am gonna give you pics... I deliver. I told ya I had some new stuff brewing. Up top here is the new Playground bracelet I made this week while making "The Retro Dozen". It's called "Napping Nannies". How fun is that?!? It got it's name from another B&W Playground I did called "High Class Nannies". I just love B&W Playgrounds... I think I will probably make another... lol. Since I have all the colors out anyway.

I am not sure if I have hinted at this next one or not. So many posts get jumbled in my head sometimes. Anyway... something I have at shows, that I don't put on my website, is single bead pendants. And last week I had a sorta 'AH HA' idea of making long sleek versions of some of my classic designs. I made 3 and love all of them! I used my "Zoozii's Kelara Long & Lean" press to shape these. They are very thin, which give them a very low profile on against your skin. I love the huge 'canvas' this press gives you to play on. LOVE 'EM!

Okay, now for an update on yesterday's situation. I received messages from Crystal Myths via a thread I had posted on LE ( about how I was handling the situation. To summarize, their responce tells me I need to 'prove' that either the instructor of that class has seen my article or 'prove' that I influenced her work. Without knowing her IP address (sort of a computer signature) how can I check if she has ever been to my website? Of course I can't 'prove' the things they are suggesting and nor can they 'prove' the opposite. So it is just turning into a 'she-said-she-said' situation. I asked the moderators at LE to close my thread. I did not set out to ruin reputations nor meliciously attack anyone. I feel like my hands are completely tied so I am just dropping it. Ron says I need to adopt the attitude that makes me tell myself... "I am so freaking awesome, everyone wants to be me." It is a lot easier said then done, but I'll try! LOL.

Okay... last pic... a little sneak preview of a new piece I am working on. I'd love your thoughts!


Chrissie said...

Hi Kerry!
I've been following what's been going on with this teacher situation and I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are having to go through this. Ron's right, you are awesome and people do want to be like you! I hope that this is something that you'll be able to put behind you at some point, as difficult as that may be...And just my two cents but I've never seen another bangle like yours except for one that was posted on one of the forums as being tried from your article.

I can't wait to see what your sneak peak turns into! I love the way the coils weave through the beads!

I hope you have a great weekend!

WillowLuna said...

Ack, Kerry, I'm sooo sorry about this situation. You've already had your fair share of this kind of thing, IMO. On the upside, I love the sneak peak. Is the glass etched?

Kerry said...

Thanks so much Chrissie and Lindsey! I appreciate your words of support.

Lindsey - the copper green in the sneak peak is etched!! The other colors are transparent light brown and black rolled in raku then encased in clear.

belvedere beads said...

the playground bracelet is stunning - fun and elegant, a lovely design. the bottle caps, from a few blogdays ago, are also really cool, i can't think of a better word than cool - even tho it sounds kinda dorky.