Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hot Momma Shoes

You are gonna have a fit when you hear how much I paid for these shoes!! LOL! Today we had a "cleaning" day. Ron and I spent hours cleaning out the boys dressers and closet, pulling everything too small or too worn out or too "last season"(lol, that is funny cause my kids have shirt 5-6 years old and they are only 8&9). It all got bagged up and carted off to charity. But we couldn't leave the boys high and dry. After all the sorting was done, we hit the stores for back to school clothes shopping!!

We stopped at Kohls, TJMax, Old Navy and Target. Nothing but clearance stuff for this budget conscience family. The boys new shoes were regularly upwards of $45-$50 each.... we got them for less then $10 each!! Now, wait for it.... my hot momma bright red Vintage Candies with the peep toes.... regularly $50.... $5.99... OH SHUT UP!! How could I put them back on the shelf!?!? Lauren's shoes are sweet and sneaker-y on the bottom for running too. Everyone loved modeling their new shoes. Do you remember new school shoes? Did your Mom let you wear them before school? Mine never did!! I don't know if I will be able to listen to the whines and cries if I take these away!!

After shopping, I spent a few hours on the torch... and you know what I did? I made what I think is gonna be a freaking awesome eBay set of beads. I know, you are saying "Kerry, you should be getting ready for a show? What are you doing making beads for us?" Cause I love ya!! That's why!! No really, I thought of a color combo and I couldn't resist. So be sure to come back tomorrow to see pics of those good things!!

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oh how I love shoes!

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