Thursday, August 23, 2007

Remember these....

Well, do you remember these? Yeah, I forgot about them too!! But way back in May, I had the idea to make felted cuffs for Fall. (Really who wants to wear wool in summer... I know.) I made like 6 of them, gave them to friends and family... then let them slip away into some dark reaches of my mind. Then... last week... I was working on a "secret project", that needed photos of some projects. As I hunted and pecked through my files of photos... what should I see? Why those fabulous fuzzy cuff pics I took. I said to myself... well DUH!! Fall is finally around the corner... it's time to make some cuffs!!

The other day the kids and I had a lazy library movie day. It was gray and rainy... nothing to do but veg out and watch movies. So, I pulled out my giant bag of wool (feltable) yarns. I crocheted 10 of them in about 2 hours. Not bad. I am still experimenting with sizes. I am not a felting expert by any means... so I don't realize how much things are going to shrink or not shrink. And I don't know which yarns act certain ways and which others don't so... it is really a learning experience for me. That and I still can't get over the fact that after I run these through the washer and shrink them up that I can cut holes in them and the whole thing won't unravel. It's amazing, really.

Anyway, this time around I decided that instead of torturing myself with trying to make off mandrel beads then adding a shank on them so they are buttons... I thought... I should just layer up some discs!! Everyone thinks they are buttons anyway, right? (insert annoyed eye rolling here) I really wanted the discs to make a statement so I made them BIG!! HUGE PEOPLE!! Huuuuga! They are about the size of a half dollar which is the same size as the beads I use for pendants. BIG!! I think they turned out too cool. I still need to work on making more beads... and crocheting more cuffs that will shrink to more appropriate sizes. But I am so happy I remembered them!!

Oh what? You wanna know about the secret project? Dang... I thought I was going to get away with just hinting at it, lol. I am not telling you what it is... let's just say.... you'll know about it soon enough.

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Leslie said...

OH MY GOSH! That's awesome! Here I was, knitting these crazy i-cords for felted bracelets and then I see your bands which are totally more me than ever. Sooooo, how big is the prefelted piece or did you just crochet a really long piece and then cut it up after felting?

Once again, inspiring..............