Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another Ring A Ding Ding

If "OMG, you made that?" is the #1 question I get asked at an art show...then a very close 2nd is "Do you make rings?" I always say no, and then get an "oh, you should". Well, of course I know I should, don't you all think I want to? I know how popular rings are... I know they would be killer sellers... but I didn't really know what I could do to make rings stand out from the ring crowd. I feel very strongly that I don't want to do what everyone else is doing, so those easy wired up rings that is a piece of 20g made into a swirl and wrapped around a ring mandrel aren't for me. And I didn't want to buy premade rings that you unscrew one side of then slide a bead on either.

So, patiently I sat, waiting for ring inspiration to strike. You might remember a few weeks ago when I went out to dinner with Anne, from AnneMade Jewelry. Well, Anne has this really cool line of rings she calls Spinners/Fiddler rings. And I got to play with one during dinner. ZAP!! Inspiration struck!! You can read about Anne's inspiration for this ancient design HERE.

I have been waiting for 2 weeks now for the order of the materials to make these to come in. While I was waiting and working on orders (and cleaning obsessively), I made a few size 7 glass rings. So, for once, I didn't have to wait until there was time to torch or for the kiln to cool down to work on something new... I was all ready to experiment!!

I started by trying to recreate one of Anne's rings. (Which will stay in my personal stash, 1- because I freaking love it and 2- I have a 'no copy for profit' policy.) Then I moved on to making my version of the rings. It is a little different then what I want. So I am going to keep working on the design, but I think I am off to a great start!!

Tough part is the sizing. I need to start double dipping my ring mandrel or something, cause these are on the small side (6- 6.5). My notoriously chubby Kester (maiden name) fingers won't fit the ones with the lampwork on them. I need a 7.5-8, at least. And I am not kidding... my Dad is one of 13 kids, he has 10 sisters and 2 brothers. Not one of his sisters (even the tiniest 5 foot 100lb nothing ones) wear at least an 8 ring. Great thing to pass down in the family, huh? But the thing I really love about it is the playfulness of it. I love sitting a spinning the rings while I am talking on the phone or thinking about what I want to type next, lol.

In other news, I spent most of the day making beads. Carrie (LOL) took care of prioritizing my to do list and with that in hand, I am quickly ticking things off. I was getting rather worried there for a minute!!

Tomorrow, I am going to have new pendants to show you in this new ring design... pretty cool!!


Tammy said...

I like the rings. Very different and interesting. Size 7 is just my size!

WillowLuna said...

Oh, if you need someone to test them out, let me know! I think I wear a 5.25 or 5.5 on my ring finger. =)

Oh--I think I saw your mom today in JoAnns, but wasn't sure it was her. If it was and she recognized me, please pass on a hi to her!

Holly said...

I too will be happy to test out thes rings. My ring finger is a 6. ;)