Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two Fors

While at The Clothesline Arts Festival in September, I wore a really simple necklace that I had thrown together out of stuff that was laying on my desk. You can check out a rather blurry picture of it HERE. You can see it was really simple, just a bright pop of lime green to go with the black and white top I was wearing and the lime green flip flops. Gals just went nuts for it!! And eventually it was bought right off my neck and I was convinced to make a second one as a custom order.

I designed the necklace to hang off center. I never used to like asymmetrical things but I have really come to love it. I goes against the grain of my very OCD inclined brain but I think it is good to train myself to go against my own grain and do different things.

Anyway, I told myself I had to make more of these necklaces. With just one simple glass ring in a solid color, they couldn't possibly be any easier, right? But I got to chatting with my sister about the glass rings. We decided that they are just too delicate. They don't enjoy being dropped on ceramic tile floors... even annealed. I knew I needed to come up with something that strengthened the glass. And to make it stronger, you have to make it thicker and bigger.

I am suddenly incredibly addicted to giant discs so here are the first versions of the reworked, stronger design with some. Now, why the "Two Fors" post title? Well, I discovered when photographing the "worn" shot that these look really cool when you let the disc slide to the center of your neck! So it is like these are two necklaces in one!! Wear it in the center or wear it off to the side.

Well? What do you think?


Tammy said...

I love them. I would personally wear it with the bead in the center.

I like the second one. Is it for sale?

Kerry said...

Yep, they are for sale!!

This design will be $48 plus the usual to ship. I haven't had a chance to post them on my website yet. I sent you an email :)

Merideth said...


You could do another design of the discs and add little holes on either side to slip the chain out of - wouldn't be able to slide, but could be done for a more fixed piece...just a though

Holly said...

I love the second disc!