Thursday, October 18, 2007

While I was at it...

I had some beads left from yesterday's stringing of "Napping Nannies", so I decided to string them up. The top picture is of a funky lariat. The dangley discs are larger chunkier ones and I decided for this one to put it on satin cording. It is super soft and oh-so-very trendy. I love it.

Below here is a new "Two For". I had all the rods out for the B&W beads so I figured I might as make a super gigantic disc just for one of these. I have been making so many of these that I ran out of chain (don't worry, 500inches is on it's way). So to make up for the shortage, I used a different chain on one side. It is my sister's favorite kind, she loves when I use two different chains.

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Michele said...

I love that Lariat. Very classy.