Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Color Coated Wednesday

Color color color!! Don't ya just love a big ol' smack in the face of color? I sure do, lol. As promised, I have pics today of the goodies that will be heading to The Gallery Store at The Memorial Art Gallery here in Rochester. All this color is a great way to brighten up the dreary gray we have around here. Down side is that I thought this would be at the gallery today. But, instead, it is Jacob's turn to be whinging wrenches this way and that. He his home today with Lauren's phantom fever and sore throat. Poor guy. I am sure Andrew will be in bed with it by the weekend. It is just the way things go when you have 3 kids... sharing germs is the only kind of turn taking they are good at.

But enough about the boring things going on here!! You need to know about the jewelry!! Along with "Pretending", a new "Whirl-A-Gig" and "Outta Ordinarily", the museum will have "Circulate" and "Afterglow" available too. I think the grouping looks great together. It is odd... I never really thought I would have a "definable" style. There always seemed to be so much going on that you couldn't ever pin point what it is I actually do. At least, that is how I saw it. But in pulling these things together and seeing them all on the table together, you can see I have "a style". I think you can tell those are "Kab's" pieces.

I made a few more BANG Gals to go with the necklaces, and some bright earrings too. I thought that "Revamped" matched the grouping well and everything is rounded out with a pair of sweet beaded pens. Talking with the purchaser at the museum, she said they get asked for pens all the time but have only ever carried wood turned ones. I really hope these work out!!

I thought I would leave you with a solo shot of the new "Whirl-A-Gig". "Twirl-A-Gig" sold a few weeks ago, so I had to make a new one. This time, rather then two discs side by side, there are small solid rounds next to BIG discs. I love these discs. I really went into a zone when I was making them. I think they are some of the best I have ever done. They are very round, very balanced. I like the tone on tone stripes a lot too. Just plain fun. I really need to make one of these for myself. :) Oh, I should make a Black and White one too!!

I am very interested in feedback on yesterday's Bead Box update. Only 2 of the 9 sets have sold. That is very unlike you all!! Is it the colors? Is it the patterns? Is it the prices? What?


lori said...

Kerri I love your bright style! You do it so well. Just got my SBS Beads with your necklace on the cover. Bang!

Jennifer said...

LOVE that splash of color! Wakes up this dreary corner too. :-)

Michele said...

I'm a bright color person so I definitely love the colors in the items for the gallery. (I love my green/turquioise cuff I bought at the Clothesline Festival)
I do like some of the new coppery red beads (Copper Coins, Rusty Mod Dots & Rusty Copper) you made for the bead box too, but I'm just a window shopper. I'm not sure they have as much appeal for people as the bright colors.
By the way, congrats on getting the cover. Definitely eye candy!!!