Friday, October 19, 2007

My One Liners

Last night was book club. I think I forgot to tell you, LOL. It seems I am going to be plaguing book club with late arrivals for the next 5 months. Ron is going to have class on book club nights until around March. But I don't care how late I get there... book club is my escape and I just have to get there.

As usual the company was wonderful, the wine was divine and the talk was tantalizing. I just love my book club gals. I have to tell you, I think I have become the book club clown. It seems my "one liners" always have everyone in a stitch. I don't ever do it on purpose, I swear. I often don't think before I speak, especially when I am talking about food (and especially when I have had a glass of wine). More often then not, my mouth is full when I say these things too. LOL.

When the lovely Tami was hosting, I had a piece of chocolate chip banana bread that was insanely delicious. And threw a mouth full of goodness, my shoulders sank, my head fell back and I said "it ivs juft so buttery". Chelsey about popped a gasket laughing so hard. Last night was Chelsey's turn to host. She had a fantastic spread. I took a piece of toasted pita bread and threw chomping chews I said "dis ivs a reawly good crunfy fing". In case you can't read "mouth full" (my new made up language) I said "This is a really good crunchy thing." Everyone laughed.

These were just a funny pair I could remember, most of the other ones have been left in the evenings they happened, lost in the memory of a glass of wine. I told Chelse last night, she needs to start writing them down, lol.

Anyway, for those of you reading along, the new book is "The Tender Bar". Another memoir that looks to be a fantastic read. I picked it up this morning while Lauren and I were out and about. I can't wait to start it.

I spent the afternoon making beads. I am plugging away on orders, but I am making sure to have some "me" time on the torch too along the way. Every couple of beads I make, I make something for a piece I want to make. It is supposed to be a yucky, vile, rainy weekend (my absolute favorite kind, no kidding) so I hope to get lots of time in playing my fire. I made several GIANT "Catching Kandinsky" style discs for "Two For" necklaces. I can't wait to string up! Keep an eye out on my site for them :)

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