Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Walk

Where to begin? Sometimes, with these Monday posts, I have so much and so little to talk about at the same time. If you were hoping for a weekend loaded with bead making and hours of jewelry designing... sadly, you are going to be disappointed. Instead this was a very busy FAMILY packed weekend.

Since this is the 3rd year I have been blogging while Fall Walking... I am sure some of you have had enough of seeing the same people on the same path in PennYan. So, to spare you, rather then posting the DOZENS of pictures I took here on the blog... I picked my favorites and posted them all in a new folder in my Flickr gallery. Just click HERE and you'll be whisked away to the land of pictures.

Along with the day of walking and wine tasting in the Finger Lakes... we had a day full of football on Sunday. Jacob suffered his first injury of the season that had him pulled off the field by the coaches. Silly boy didn't strap his gear properly (something the coaches insist that the kids be responsible for) and his loose shoulder pads rammed his bicep while doing a diving tackle. He has a bruised/pulled muscle and it looks like his Playstation playing may suffer for a few days. But even the injury couldn't keep him from getting back in the game. He was back in with in minutes which led to the afternoon he spent relaxing and resting his hurt arm once we were home. I am sure every Mom knows that feeling that drops into the pit of your stomach when you watch your kid dive through the air and fight to stand up. I just about had a heart attack. But, really... he is fine and he learned his lesson about using his equipment properly.

I spent today on the torch. I am working on a special request for JOOLZ and I hope to have a preview photo for you tomorrow.

It also seems that loads of people opened their issues of Step By Step Beads is weekend. I am getting lots of requests for custom "Playground" beads. I don't usually take custom orders but since this is a special situation being the cover project, I have decided to make an exception (but only for a little while). So, here is the deal. If you want me to make a custom playground bracelet the cost is $175, custom playground necklace is $425. If you want beads, and you'll pick out your own cording and assemble it yourself... for a bracelet (12"fancy" discs, 12 "filler" discs and 6 bubble beads) it's $150... for a necklace (30 "fancy"discs", 18 "filler" discs and 12 bubble beads) it's $300. Those sound like high prices but when you think about it... in the necklace there is SIXTY beads!! That is a lot of work!! With the orders I have so far... we are looking at around a 3 week wait. But as more orders come in, the turn around may be longer, I will let you know what it is when you email.

Let me take a moment to define "custom". You can request the color combo but you have to trust me with the designs, styles, and shape of the beads. I just don't have the time (or the desire) to fill orders asking for 5 green with yellow dots or 2 blue with white stripes. I appreciate letting me keep some of my artistic discretion. And don't forget... there is always the option of "waiting and seeing" or grabbing one of the Playgrounds that are posted on my website all ready. When you wait and see or get one that I was in the mood to make (so to speak), you always save!

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Tammy said...

I loved the photos and I liked the necklace you were wearing. The photo of Lauren tanning is my favorite. that's too cute.