Friday, October 12, 2007

A Date To Save

So... did everyone get the Joolz newsletter the other day?!? Well then you know the news! I am planning on doing a Trunk Show and Demo Day at Joolz on Saturday November 17th from 11-4pm. I'll be there with Francie and the other Joolz gals showing everyone how I make my beads and I will have loads of jewelry too. It is the weekend before Thanksgiving and it'll be the perfect time to grab some great Holiday presents!! Go mark your calendars right now!! But don't worry, I'll post reminders too :)

In other news, I finally did a resin pour this morning so I should lots of new bottle caps for you all to go after. And this time around, I will be the one making the hand dyed silk ribbons that they hang from. I found a great tutorial at by another artist and I just couldn't resist trying it out. It was a lot of trial and error, I ordered the wrong dye the first time around and the new stuff should be here today. When the caps are ready and the ribbons are done, I will post lots of pictures about the project. Hey, maybe I can offer up a few cords to string your favorite beads from!! No promises though, we'll see how it goes.

I meant to say thanks for all the well wishes sent to the kiddos this week. Fingers crossed, everyone is feeling better and the sickies are all done (as Lauren would say). We are hoping everyone stays that way because tomorrow is our annual Fall Walk! Everyone is really looking forward to it. This year it'll just be our 5, my parents, and my sister. It should be a blast and I'll have loads of photos for you on Monday!!

Up tonight is dinner with Anne from AnneMade Jewelry. She has family here in NY and sent me an email about having a get together to talk shop. It should be fun... and hey, if you are ever in the Rochester NY area... I'll go to dinner with you too :) LOL!

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