Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Colorful Day

You gals came so close to getting these beads in an eBay auction. I can't even tell you how close. Since my house was sparkly clean when I woke up this morning... and since Lauren has the sniffles and was zoned out watching cartoons... and since I am (I think quite obviously) avoiding working on orders right now, I snuck out to the torch first thing this morning.

I have been thinking of revisiting my "Ice Cubes" beads for while... and I have been wanting to add a dash of my latest "The Retro Dozen" set too. I just couldn't visualize how to bring the two together in brights? Sure I could do it in a monochromatic combo, or sure I could do it in a basic favorite combo... but could I do it with ALL the colors?

Like I said, I am avoiding my orders at the moment. And I think the avoiding isn't really avoiding, I am really just thinking how I can best execute those orders and I don't want to sit down and work on them until I know I won't waste my time. So, it seems kinda silly doesn't it... I don't wanna waste time... but I will sit for an hour and a half experimenting on a possible eBay set? I know... it doesn't make sense.

It took all day but by 6:oopm (about 10 hours later) theses were ready to come out of the kiln. I was so anxious to see how they looked!! I am thrilled with the results!! I was sooooo close to stringing them and photographing them for an auction. But then I realized... silly girl, you are totally stressed out about having time to make jewelry for your trunk show in November with all these orders looming... why don't you make stuff with the beads?!?! And so I did. I had enough beads for these two fun, colorful numbers and a couple more to spare.

I would love to hear your thoughts. :)


cindy said...

Hey Kerry,

You know me - I'm one of your "earthy" fans, not usually "brights", but boy do I have to restrain myself from asking if these are sold yet! I love them! True KABS style here! :-)

Tammy said...

I normally stay away from the colorful designs but I love these. The top one is my favorite.