Monday, October 08, 2007

Get The Spins

Every time I start playing with these beads, the song "You Spin Me Round" from the band Dead or Alive (yeah I googled that, lol, I didn't know who sang it) starts playing in my head. Come on, you know it, if you weren't in a coma during the 80's then there is no doubt you had it stick in your head at one point/time or another too. "You spin me right round baby... like a record baby... right round, right round..." At least, that is how the lyrics go in my head, lol.

You guessed it, these beads are the ones you saw in the pins on Thursday last week. The design just wasn't sitting right with me. Something about it isn't working. So, this weekend I wired up this simple lariat with the GIGANTIC discs and I love it. It is one of the new ideas I have had doodled in my sketch book for a couple months now. Why only make lariats with simple glass rings? Why not go BIG and BOLD? Why not make a statement? Say... look at me, I am wearing a freaking cool lariat... nah, nah, na na nah.!! My sister wants to see lariats like this with huge flower discs, that is another design drawn in my book. I'll get to it eventually, right?

This weekend was wonderful. There was some pretty extreme Rochester weather again. Saturday was a very balmy 84degrees with full sun one minute, a down pour the next. Saturday night showcased a wild light show in the sky with insane thunderstorms. Sunday was gray and barely 65degrees, though the sun was out again by dinner. You will never believe what I woke up to this morning... full sun, a warm breeze and temps in the 70s. It feels like summer again. I am actually going to take my cup of coffee and head out to the deck in a few minutes. It is just too beautiful out to let this morning go by unenjoyed.

With all the on again off again weather, I was able to get loads (I am talking tons) of beads made!! And I did a lot of experimentation, which I don't normally do. Most of my experimenting goes on in my head for days leading up to a torch session. This red copper green is pretty cool stuff. It is does some neat stuff. I have 5 sets ready so far and I think I still have more in my head to make. Hey, I got a question for you... do you all like it when I do 3-5 beads of one style together or would you rather I mixed things up more? You know, have 3-5 beads that are all the same colors and work together but that aren't the same design?

That is the official question of the day... so get on it... answer in the comment area. Oh and don't forget to tell me what you think of the giant bead lariat... would you wear it?


Lori G said...

Hey Kerri.

Love your lariat! I do disks and flowers and beads (oh my) in lariats on cotton cording too but I love the silver chain!

I like mixed up sets but I don't buy beads so don't take my advice. :) I just like to look at them that way. I've been told that lost of people feel thrown off balance if sets aren't symmetric but with your beads I don't think you can go wrong either way!

Jennifer D said...

Love the lariat and have to have one! Make some more please!

Anonymous said...

Love it - it is a gotta have one! I would go for the mixed set of beads myself.


Anonymous said...

I love the lariat! I would also liked mixed bead sets too---I'm thinkin' a few that match....a few that are eclectic.....Kim