Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Psycho Cleaning Mode

Hello Blog Readers! I would like to introduce myself, I am Carrie. I am Kerry's extremely neurotic, slightly OCD riddled, alter ego. I know Kerry has mentioned me before and since I have taken her over for the day, I thought it only right that I do her blog post along with everything else. :)

For weeks now I have been patiently biting my nails, watching Kerry work her fingers to the bone creating loads of new jewelry. Why bit my nails? Well, because I have watched while she works and totally neglects her other housely duties. The dust was getting out of control and I just couldn't sit back any longer. I had to take charge.

Now, I know you really shouldn't work people to the point that their hands shake from the adrenaline of cleaning (so much so that she can't make beads today because she is so shaky). I know you should stop and eat if you need to. And yes, I know that the mess didn't happen in a day, so it doesn't need to get done in a day. But Kerry really should have expected this. If she hadn't let things go so far, I wouldn't have had to step in and when I step in things get done my way.

So far, I have had Kerry... sweep and wash all the floors... dust everything... windex the tv screens and appliances... beds are all made... base boards have been scrubbed... stairs and couch corners vacuumed ... 3 loads of laundry laundered... dishes loaded... piles of papers sorted and tossed... dvd's collected and re-shelved... Lauren's been fed, bathed and taken to school... the bathroom has been disinfected and all traces of soap scum abolished... and I may have her dusting the blades of the kitchen fan next.

Kerry seems to think she is going to keep me out of that smelly boys room by simply closing their door. But no sir not me... I can't be fooled... I know there is a rotten apple core in there, somewhere, with my name on it and I am not letting Kerry rest until it has been found! It is for her own good. I know once I am satisfied then she will breath a sigh of relief and she can get back to creating those funky new jewelry designs that are dancing in her head next to me (cause yes, I am really just in Kerry's head).


WillowLuna said...

Oh, Carrie, come to my house!

Lori said...

Carrie, can you come over to clean, Um I mean play LOL

Nicky said...

Nice to meet you Carrie - its good that your let out every now and then !

Anne said...

What? You don't scrub the baseboards every week? ;) I wish I could paint everything dusty gray - or even better - I wish dust were teal or chocolate brown or some other (more fun) color. Enjoy your sparkly clean house!

Kerry said...

Baseboards and as it turns out, molding too, Anne. Six sticky hands at the height of all the knobs leaves behind smudges that make Carrie's eye twitch.

It takes a great deal of control (aka laziness) to keep her contained, Nicky.

Cleaning is playing for Carrie, isn't it Lori!! Hmmm... maybe I should get a side job cleaning houses, she could make a mint.

Lindsey... name the time... Carrie will be there is bells on. Yes, it is sick, but I used to go over to my girlfriend Kelley's house (when she lived here) and we would clean all the time. I, I mean Carrie, expecially loves sorting and throwing things out. Purge purge purge!!

Did I ever tell you all about Carrie's cleaning routine? It gets things gone quickly. You start at one end of the house and move to the other. You close doors are rooms are done. Carrie always starts in the Master Bedroom. She picks up clothes on the floor, puts away any clean stuff, makes the bed, then dust, then sweep (always dust before sweeping cause it puts more stuff on the ground), the wash the floors, you do the baseboards as you do the floor. Makes time fly!!