Monday, October 22, 2007

Kan Disc Delight

I knew I would love these!! I just knew it!! I had so much fun at the torch on Friday. I hadn't pulled out my "brights" in a few weeks and it was about time. I am working on a couple of bright orders so as I made beads for others, I made beads for my stuff too.

As I said the other day... these are "Kandinsky" style brights in my "Two For" style necklaces. They are a little different then the previous ones (one thing you can count on with me... I never do things the same for long, right?). In the other's, I have used solid color glass rings, or really detailed discs with lots of dots or stripes. For these, I really wanted the wild colors and the size to be the focus.

Now, I know what you are thinking... "Kerry, those are really cool... talk about color... but I really don't have anything those colors... or that bright to wear." Here is what I have to say about that... when you wear something wildly colorful, you need to keep the clothes simple. So, if I was to wear, say, the big one on the right side there... it has a deep amethyst purple center, dark red, persimmon and coral orange rings with transparent red on the outer edge... I would wear the new dark purple, long sleeve, scoop neck tee, that I got at Old Navy, and a pair of my favorite jeans. And if I had a "work or businessie" type situation I had to dress for, I might pick the one on the left. It has a light minty green center with rings in turquoise, coral and the outside is a filigrina light blue. I would wear a pair of black slacks with a soft, baby blue, v-neck sweater.
See, keep it simple silly... kiss.

The other thing that sets these ones apart from the others is that I had a lot of fun with the chains. No two chains are alike (obviously). Plus, I didn't want to waste any chain "shorts" that I had so some have 2-3 different chains in one. I love that.

I really need to toss these in the tumble to brighten up the chains, but I am kinda scared to!! I am worried all those chains will come out in one big knotted mess. And I just haven't' had the chance to tumble them one at a time. But hopefully, I will this afternoon.

Why haven't I had a chance to do it yet? Well cause we had one of the busiest weekend's ever!! My Mom's basset hound, Wilhelmina, had SEVEN puppies on Friday... Lauren had her first ever sleep over party with her bestest girlfriend, Lillyanna, on Saturday... and Jacob had his last football game of the season on Sunday and broke the record for the most tackles by a rookie in the league's history!! (More the 70 tackles total for the year!!) I am looking forward to settling back into the weekly groove and getting back to my torch.


Michele said...

I love the colors on these (I always love the bright colors) but I think I would prefer them on a longer chain, so they hang down further on my chest. I'm not fond of short pendant necklaces because they don't seem to fall in the right place for v-necks. That's my 2 cents.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the feedback Michele. It is always hard to know what size to make things. An 18in necklace on me falls just below my collar bone, and I like it there. On a smaller person it is going to be a lot longer, and someone bigger, it would be choker length. I guess one of the perks of being the maker is that I can add or subtract length whenever I need to.

Tammy said...

That's alot of bling that you are wearing!
Those are great colors. I love the red/persimmon. That seems to be the color combo for the season.
The 18 inch is great on me. It sits a little higher on me than they do on you.