Monday, October 01, 2007

Preschool Field Trips

Oh how I love the Fall field trip to an apple farm!! Lauren and I just got in from an afternoon full of pumpkin patches, hay rides, apple picking, cider drinking, and maze running. It was so much fun!! I miss getting to do field trips like these with the boys. They got big so fast. One minute they were little and couldn't see over the sides of the hay bail mazes and now they think it is boring and want to get lost in the 3 hour long corn field mazes. Every once in a blue moon, I wish they were little again!!

We had a great weekend here. I am feeling almost 100% now and we worked outside all day Saturday. The garage was spring cleaned (yes, I know it isn't spring anymore, but hey, at least it is done.) It was so overdue!! I think we fill 4 huge garbage bags and reorganized everything. You could park a car in there now!! You have to remember, our house is a raised ranch which means we have no basement... which means our garage is overflowing. So being able to park one car in our 2 car garage is a HUGE deal.

Sunday were we doing the usual football thing. Jacob's team had a rough loss to The Patriots. And next week's game is against the #1 team, so it isn't looking good at this point for making it into the playoffs. But hey, you never know!!

I have been working on finishing up some orders this weekend. If you have been waiting for one from me, check your email... it is probably done. With those out of the way, I have been able to start focusing on designs for the Gallery Store. I am half done with one new piece, started on a second and I was also able to do up a few wire BANG Gals. Not to mention the like 15 new things I have drawn in my sketch book. I have some cool new ideas for a "Floral Collection". Though, my idea of a "floral" is probably very different then the lampwork floral you are used to seeing from other artists. I also want to get some new Bead Box Beads done. And I am wondering if I should tempt you all with an eBay set... but eBay has been so crappy of late that I wonder if I should even bother.

Busy bee, that's me... can you tell I am feeling better?

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