Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here it is... the new necklace I have been hinting at for the past few weeks! As I was finishing it up this morning, the name just hit me... it going to be called "Pretending".

The colors are so wild and playful, I wanted to name it something that had to do with play. I realized as I made it that I was making it up as I went along, with no rhyme or reason. And isn't that just what pretending is?

This necklace is LONG... about 30ins. So it is a "no clasp", pop-it-over-your-head-and-go style necklace. There are 37 beads in it, which means it has some weight to it. You definitely know you are wearing it. I am pretty sure this piece will be heading off to the Gallery in October as part of the collection that will be available there. Please, feel free to leave your feedback!! I would love to hear your thoughts on it!!

I never did make it to the torch yesterday like I thought I would. We had a record high 92degree day here. The heat by 1pm was just unbearable. So I laid low and piddled around the house doing housely things. And I finished reading up the book for Book Club too.

Speaking of which, book club was a BLAST as usual!! And the new book is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Feel free to read along... half of book club has already read it but still voted for it because it (they say) was a fascinating book and they really want to talk about it.

So, today, I really am going to get to the torch this afternoon. I am waiting on a wire order and should get myself beads ready in the meantime. The heat from yesterday broke with incredible wake-you-in-the-night thunderstorms and it is starting to feel just a little like Fall, finally!! My absolute favorite season. My favorite season go Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer... yes, in that order. Being that my favorite season is all around me, I really hope that it makes me extra productive and I can get loads done. I would say that 2 new necklaces and a huge jewelry update in 3 days is a pretty good start!


Kerry said...

Okay, Ron just got home and the offical review of the new necklace is that he doesn't like it. Their is too much going on in it. So all in all he doesn't like.

Anyone else have an opinion?

cindy said...

Such an ingenious design. I'm not just taken in by the bold colors, but really the complexity of it all. You keep outdoing yourself, Kerry!
~ Cindy

Kathy said...

I think the design is out of this world..
Keep up the great work.