Thursday, January 31, 2008

Breaking Up Monotony

The other day, I decided that I needed an outing to break up the monotony of the week. I told y'all I was longing for mobility. It is so fun having a friend so close by that is into the same sorts of things. We aren't both glassers but we are both "crafters", lol. Lindsey and I (and our girls too) had a day all around town. Which led to an interesting event... but I should go in order.

My initial email was a hey, you wanna go to the trift store... which was returned with a sure, can we hit the yarn store too,... which was re-returned with a yeah, and how about hot cocoa & lunch at Panera.

To fit all that in, we had to get an early start! LOL, and for me, that is out the door and where I need to be by 10am. I know it is pathetic to think 10am is early, but most days we don't need to be ready and out the door until 12:30 for preschool, so 10 is pushing it. We made it in time and hit a local yarn shop. I have told you guys before that Lindsey and I share a special birthday bond. Our birthdays are each others half birthdays. My birthday is coming up on Feb 13th and Lindsey's is Aug 13th. (She's older, lol, by 18months.) Anyway, I am babbling... we like to exchange handmade gifts for your birthdays and last year Lindsey made me a ROCKIN' pair of hand knit socks!! And I am getting a new pair this year!! The yarn stop was for me to get to pick out my own colored yarn. It is too cool, I can't wait for these socks. They are going to be fuschia, rosy pink and coral orange verigated goodness.

We stuffed lunch in after the yarn shop and quick scooted Lauren to school. I think that is saying a lot. We got through a yarn shop and lunch with a 4 & 2 yr old and still got Lauren to school by 12:30!!

Craft Bits & Pieces was the next stop on the list. It was a mad house in there!! But I found some great fabrics. There is a gorgeous gray cordory, a lovely orange floral and a few fresh finds downstairs in my studio as I type. I am thrilled with them. Plus I grabbed a few sets of double ended knitting needles and I might, just might, with lots of help from Lindsey, attempt to make my first pair of knitted socks!

Right next door, I mean literally, right next door to Bits & Pieces is a little shop called The Millstone Block. On the surface it looks like an unassuming little used book store, but go inside and WOW!! The tag line on the owner's business card, "A 'not what you expected' Book Boutique", is right on the money!! It is such a cool little shop. It is not only books, but funiture stuff, cute bags, baby stuff... and wait for it... JEWELRY!!

Now, I have to admit, I got a little clue from a customer last week that there was jewelry in this shop. A wonderful lady that was given a Kab's necklace for Christmas wore it while shopping there. The necklace caught the owner's attention and all sorts of info was exchanged and I was told I should stop in. Being that I was at Bits & Pieces anyway, it was the perfect timing.

Lori, the owner, it great! And in a few weeks (late February) she'll be carrying Kab's Jewelry!! YOO HOO!! It was so great getting to talk to her. She seems like a huge fan of local artists and just loves supporting them. When I told her about the book I am a contributer in coming out from Interweave Press in August (you guys didn't forget about that, did you?) she was talking about having a trunk show and book signing!! Me? A Book Signing? Shut up!! And she was even talking about seeing if she could get it picked up by the local papers too. It'll be an exciting event! But it is months away, I'll keep you posted.

It is so odd, this blog land thing... one day I can't think of a word to say and the next, I am busting at the seems with things to tell you about! I can't end this post without telling you about these new pendants!! They are still growing on me and I haven't gotten a name for them yet. I would love to hear your thoughts on 'em. I think they are definitely something that needs to be seen and held and touched to be appreciated. They were inspired by an interesting email from another friend of mine, Cindy over at Cindy hit a local art show in her area and loved a piece by an artist that was showing there. Words just couldn't describe it, lol. I would say, "you mean like such and such?" and she would be like "sorta but not really"... anyway... this is my interpretation, in glass, of that her words made me see in my head. LOL, does that sentence make any sense?

Something really cool about these... they another environmentally friendly project!! I have a tub on my desk filled with the "ends" from Playground Bracelet projects. They are so pretty and colorful, I don't have the heart to toss them. I have been saving them for ages just waiting for an idea to strike... and now it has!! Pretty wild huh?

Hey, maybe that is what I should call the pendants "Pretty Wild Pendants"?


sandi said...

oohh - a book signing, how great!! go for it and you'll be a pro when you publish yours! and, the pendants - remind me of little wind chimes, or tassels

Tammy said...

When I saw the first necklace, I immediately thought of a carousel. The second one looks like a wind chime. Very interesting and unique pieces.

Anonymous said...

I love your pendants. How about, "Wild Thangs!"