Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sometimes I Itch

I can't help it... I have to make things. It is like an itch that needs scratching. I get side tracked too long and eventually, a little idea in the back of my mind squishes through everything else going on. The idea sits there, front and center, taunting me.

It says things like "I am not going anywhere until you make me..." or "come on, you know you have those couple of beads that would work with me, it'll just take a second to try it..." or "finish me and I promise I'll let you fold the laundry in peace."

What am I supposed to say to things like that? I just can't resist. This new lariat was one of those ideas. It just wouldn't get off my back until it was on my neck. I can't really pin down where the idea originated. I have been trying to rework lariats in my head for MONTHS. Ever since my sister broke her simple rings ones by dropping them on her ceramic tile floors. Beads are very durable, but not indestructible. I wanted a design that was stronger... and well, um, cooler. Enter in the hollows.

These two hollows have been on my desk for a while, just waiting for the right project. This was it! Hollows are a lot stronger then plain solid rings!! I played around with how I wanted them on the ends. I decided to let them slide. So they run along the chain and move... y'all know me and moving parts... it is a must have. I went with a super long chain so it could be worn a couple ways. The solid ring acts kinda like a dogs choker chain. Have you seen or used those? They are essentially a long chain with a ring, the chain can be slid through the ring to form a loop (that your head goes through) and then you just adjust it to the length you want. Fold it in half and you can wear it short like a traditional lariat.

I am still worried about what will happen to that simple solid ring!! So hey, maybe I will try to make some of the fused fine silver stamped rings that Cassie shared in the latest issue of Step By Step Wire magazine!!


Anonymous said...

You know I love your lariats and this one is just as cool.... SOLD

Tammy M

Kerry said...

LOL... Thanks Tammy... are you claiming it yours? LOL... don't go crazy or you are going to turn comments into a bidding war, LOL... not that I would mind.

Nadia said...

no no...I want it...for serious dude...that is just beautiful. Well done :)

ellen said...

I continue to be amazed and impressed with your creativity, Kerry.

Kerry said...

Thanks Nadia & Ellen!