Monday, January 01, 2007


I was going to make the first post of the new year a bead photo, let ya see a sneak peek at tomorrow's beads. But then, I opened my email and look what Francine sent!! Let me introduce you... book club this is my blog, blog, this is book club. Here we all are at Benucci's Resturant after painting pottery at Color Me Mine. From left to right, this is, Renee, Francine, Chelsey, Susan, Linda, Nicole, Suzie, Jennifer, Chere, Kerry (Me), Tami and Chris. I love this picture, everyone is smiling, everyone's eyes are open, what more could we ask for?!? I did pick up my pottery piece from Color Me Mine the other day, it's cute. But you all know I am a perfectionist, so I definitely need to go back and make another piece. I'll get a pic of it tomorrow when I am taking bead pics. Ya know what, I just noticed... this picture really kills two birds with one stone... you get to meet book club AND LOOK, I am wearing the "Frozen Branches" necklace that I kept forgetting to photograph on for you to see. It also reminds me that I need to hurry up and finish this month's book When Madeline Was Young for Thursday's get together.

So, did ya'll have a fun New Year's Eve? Did you smooch your honey? We had a pleasant time with our friends. Julie is an amazing cook and always treats us sooooo well. She made an amazing tomato and spinach soup with pasta and a crown pork roast. YUMMY! We never actually make it to midnight on these get togethers. The kids get so over tired. So we were in bed when the ball dropped. Ron snoring away and me watching Carson Daly counting down. I did roll over and give Ron a little kiss though. :x I am so relieve the holidays are behind us. I can't wait to get back to the normal day to day life around here. The boys have been extremely wound up and just plain wild and crazy, I need them to go back to school tomorrow or someone is liable to find me in my car on the other side of the country in a few days, lol. I may run away. But no fear, school is here.

Beading has been GREAT!! A have 8-9 sets and focals ready to go for tomorrow. I am not sure when exactly I will get them posted. I am thinking early afternoon. All depends on when I finish my kid-free chores around the house and how long I sit and nurse a quiet cup of coffee. They are cool beads though. Lots of variety for you. Nuggets, Lentils, Discs, and some hearts too. Some stuff is encased, some has surface decor, and some is snipped too. I can't wait for Wednesday afternoon when Lauren is at school, I am so excited to get going on the next batch of beads. Plus I had an AH HA idea about a new Ebay set.

So stay tuned for loads of new stuff in 2007.

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