Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am completely and totally toasted, roasted, crispy fried, burned to a crisp, flip-her-over-she-is-done, kinda sunburned!! I set up my painting project on the deck, out back, around 11am and just now came in and it's 6:15. I knew it was sunny, but figured the deck is in the shade by 1pm, I'll be fine. It was HOT, but so nice, I couldn't resist the sunny sun-ness of the day. I had to be outside. I lubed Lauren up with sunscreen but who can put sunscreen on their own back? So I went without. OH am I regretting it!! I can feel that tight dry sore skin as I sit here. I am thinking Ron is going to rubbing all the aloe in the house on my back when he gets home. LOL, yeah, just shake your head and laugh at me... I totally deserve it... I am an idiot!

BUT on the bright side... my chairs are oh-so-very close to being finished. I am thrilled with how they are turning out and I can't wait to share them. They are really raelly wild... did I mention that before?LOL. It is totally sidetracking me beadwise though. But the sooner I get the chairs done, the sooner I can sleep at night (yes I haven't slept since Tues night cause I am thinking about what I will paint on this part or that of the chairs, it's just sad) and once I am sleepign I will be able to make beads. All the wild and crazy things I am doing on the pieces of the chairs is giving me ideas for new beads too. There are definitely goona be some painted chair beads in the future (and scarf ones too, I should start a list).

Ron just came in and he just saw my back. He is rubbing some aloe lotion on and just said "this was dumb." Told you it was bad and I am a total idiot!!

Andrew just picked the FREE BEADS winner and it is Mary L!! YOO HOO MARY!! We are going to do something different over the next few weeks for the free beads drawing. I am going to be out of town for the next two drawings so... here is the plan... I am going to let the votes pile up and the winner is going to get a pair of my new "Fling" earrings!! YOO HOO!! The winner will be drawn on JUNE 18th. Alright?

Okay.. I gotta get some dinner on.

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