Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Huh? What?

Did you say something? Are you talking to me?... those are the phrases of the day. And I am the one saying it. I have had what I can tunnel hearing all day!! I can't hear out of my right ear. It sounds like I am in a tunnel or I have my hand over my ear. Everything is echoing inside my head... everything from talking, to clicking my teeth, to walking... my steps are actually echoing in my head. Weird... it doesn't hurt... I feel fine... and actually, this has happened once before. Last time it turned out I had a rare type of ear infection that forms an actual bubble between your ear drum and the membrane on the outside of it. Only treatment is steroids... so I am hoping it is a fluke and NOT the same as last time. In the meantime... turn your volume up cause I have no clue what you are saying to me!!

So, here is a pic of the winestoppers with the beads from yesterday. Kinda earthy, random and organic... just like wine! My favorite is the 3rd from the right. If you wanna snatch one of these up before the wineries get their hands on them just send me an email, I'll send you an invoice. They are $30 each with the usual $3 shipping. These make really great hostess gifts... just in case you hadn't thought of that. LOL.

I have the kiln all loaded up with beads again... this time I spent the day working on earring pairs. My friend Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio took a class with Connie Fox a few weeks back. She learned something called "Swing" earrings. Which I hadn't seen by Connie, but have seen around other places. Cindy said she thought my discs would make great beads for swing earrings. Which is just what I had been thinking when I saw that style earring other places. So... that is what today was devoted to. Earring pairs for swing style earrings. I am going to give them my own twist (of course)... you are just gonna have to stay tuned to see what I come up with!! From what I hear from Cindy, I already use a completely different technique to make them. Me and my backwards thinking...

From yesterday's few comments there seems to be a tie between Bead Box Beads and me making something with the new beads. So here is the plan. While Lauren is at school tomorrow I am going to make a few more mini sets in the same colors as the new ones. I will do a traditional BB update on Thursday or Friday and if there are any leftover, I will make stuff. Good plan? I think so.

It is a beautiful 80+ degree day. I am gonna go hang out on the deck with my hubby for a while...

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