Monday, May 14, 2007


I hope you are enjoying the Lilac Festival slide show in the post below. I love those slide shows. It is such a great way to share a whole bunch of pictures at once. And seeing as I took over 100 photos yesterday... I figured it was the best way to show you them. I love taking flower pictures. And like a said, there are a bunch that would make really great desktop wallpaper for your computer!! Lemme know if you pick one. My favorite is the one of the purple tulips.

I have lots going on in the studio... so lets get started... first.. the bracelets shown today!! Ring-a-ding-ding... I am having a lot of fun soldering. I think I am getting the knack of it. These ring linked bracelets are really fun to wear. The bottom one is currently in the hands of my cousin Samantha that just graduated from college. CONGRATS SAM! All those rings move and play without being heavy or annoying. And they aren't as bulky as they look, they are very feminine. Only trouble with this is how addicitive they are and how fast I am running out of silver wire!! I just had to place an order. I used up all my 18 guage (favorite size), most of my 16g and I am outta 14g too. How can I get ready for my first show of the year if I am outta wire?!?

I was able to make beads yesterday and it had lead to a delimma... so, I need a show of hands... all those in favor of me posting a set of 9 cubism style beads on eBay, raise your hands. Those that want me to list them as 3 sets of 3 on my website, raise your hands. Oh... and anyone who thinks I should make some jewelry out of them... you raise your hand. I know... Kerry you are beign silly, this is a blog, not a living room full of people, you can't see our hands raised... just send me an email and let me know what you want me to do. Or leave a comment here. (oh, I had to turn the comment moderator on for my blog... you won't see your comment right away, but I check daily and will approve it as soon as I see it.)

My kiln is LOADED with beads for wine bottle stoppers. Big funky focals!! Gotta love big beads. I can't wait to get them cleaned up and on those shiny silver stoppers. I think I have 8 in there now, and I will do a few more through out the week too. I hope to have a photo to show you tomorrow.

BIG NEWS... I am so excited to share this next bit of info with you... is now live!! I am so so excited for Cindy. She started out as a customer more then a year ago and has really become a great friend. She is by far the most thoughtful person I have ever met. Like me, she is a Mom of three that loves making jewelry. I think she has a great eye for design and beads (you'll see "Kab's" beads all over the place on her website). Go, check out her site, get on her mailing list, buy up all her fabulous jewelry and tell her I sent you!!

Finally, free beads... this week's winner is... LORI O!!! YOO HOO LORI!! I have another set of beads already to go. I'll get a fresh pic and get them posted... keep the votes coming!!

Now lets see, did I get everything in? New soldered bracelets... check. Asked what you want me to do about eBay vs Bead Box Beads... check. Sent you to Cindy's great new website... check. Freebies give away... check. That's about it. I think I covered it... I'll be back with those wine stoppers tomorrow!


Kathy said...

I think you should do bead box beads or make jewelry out of them.
They probrably will go fast. Most times they most generally do.
Great new creations.

Lindsey said...

Make something yourself!!

Cindy said...


Aw, thank you for such a sweet write-up! You are being too kind! You know you helped me make this little dream come true every step of the way! From inspiration to implementation.
Thank you!

~ Cindy

Chrissie said...

That bracelet is really cool! I love the contemporary look of it.

I think I'd vote for three sets of three but at the same time I'd love to see some jewelry. Maybe some of your new rings mixed with the cubism beads. I think the round with the square would look awesome :)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

LOOOOOOVE that bracelet!