Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flying Weekends

It seems like just a second ago it was Friday... does anyone know where the heck my weekend went?!? Hmmm... maybe if I tell you about all the things we did I can find where the time went.

Saturday was a full day. I spent the morning cleaning (just like very other day of the week) then snuck in a little torch time. I made a few more pendant focals and some neckwire beads too. I am most excited about the afternoon I had though. My old friend, Concetta, the glass artist I used to graphic design work for, came over for a wire lesson. We chit chatted and wired away a few hours. It was great getting to visit with her and talking about anything and everything. She is off to a great start of wire wrapping. But we talked so much we only got through half a Totally Twisted class in the 5 hours she was here!! So, she'll be back again in a few weeks to continue her lesson. I am really looking forward to it.

Last night, we made some AWESOME fancy grilled cheese burgers. Love fancy grilled burgers.. they are those ones in the meat department of the grocery store that have cheese and spices in them. Ours were asiago and basil... heavenly. A movie with the kids before bed that was the end of that day. Wait... I am forgetting, I was up until midnight reading the latest book club book... it's good people... real good. I am hooked.

Today was a day for a little family fun!! Ron and I decided to play a trick on the kids... we told them to get in the car, we are going shopping. Jacob loathes shopping more then anything o the face of this earth. I think he would eat mushrooms instead of shopping... so you should have seen the look on his face!! He stomped and brooded but got in the car. Ron and I talked the whole time about what we needed to get at the store. All the while we knew what the real plan was... we surprised the kids with a trip to the movie theater to see Shrek the Third!! They loved it. They started hooting and hollering in the car. They were so excited (and relieved not to be shopping,lol). The movie was cute, but the 2nd is still my favorite. I would say wait for the DVD, don't waste the ticket price.

After that it was back home and time for some torching. I got lots and lots of beads made. Enough for a half dozen more neckwires ( I think I'll have 18 or so to take now), and I made LOTS of different color rings for more lariats. I am looking forward to mixing up the colors and making some fun combos tomorrow when I put them together. Speaking of putting things together... I have spent most of this evening putting together all the stuff for the wineries. I have been boxing and bagging and tagging. I hope to get it all done tonight so it is a slow, quiet day tomorrow. I need to prime the chairs I am painting Tuesday evening with my Aunt!!

So that brings us to now... I guess keeping so busy is what is making the time fly. Gotta love keeping busy!! I should have some new photos for you tomorrow of the new jewelry stuff I have been doing... plus I started a few test beads using a new glass by Double Helix called Terra... it's all the rage at the moment so I had to try it out. Wait till you see it!!

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