Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just Joolz!!

I am so excite to share this post with you!! Remember a few months back when I mentioned the owner of a new shop was coming by to pick out some jewelry for her store? I promised I would have all the details for you when it opened... IT IS OPENING ON WEDNESDAY!! The store is JOOLZ, the website is, and the gal behind it is Francie Schenck. If you are in the Western NY area, whatever plans you have for Wednesday, cancel them and make plans to visit JOOLZ.

Francie found me last season at The Clothesline Arts Festival. She said at the time she was building her "wish list" of artists she would like for her shop. I am really honored to be on that list, especially after tonight. This evening there was a private preview of the store for artists and friends. The jewelry is just spectacular. She has amazing taste, I saw some incredible and very inspiring pieces in the collections on display. I was so excited walking up to the shop door because as you can see in the photo below, I am one of the local artists featured in the front window. And from what I have been told, these pieces have already sold and/or are on reserve. As well as most of the ones on display inside too.

The decor of the shop is sleek and sophisticate with every thing black and white. There is pops of colorful artwork on the walls. I loved the layout and I think Francie's vision really came together fabulously. I am going to work on some special black and white jewelry pieces just for the store.

I am not very good in social situations like tonight. I am terrible at remembering names, and I have short term memory concerns during conversations. I worry the whole time about making an a$$ of myself, lol. But who doesn't worry above going into situations where they are about to be judged? I have to say... the other artists, friends and family that were there at this reception tonight were really wonderful people. All just love art jewelry. I was swarmed in on at one point by several people and I received so many wonderful compliments. I am so thrilled to be working with such a great group of people.

So... you all have your orders... find a way to get to JOOLZ in Canandaigua, NY. I'll be back tomorrow with some new jewelry pics and details of whatelse I was up to this weekend ;) It was quite a busy couple of days!!

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